Admitting to Autumn

Okay, I admit it.
It is Fall.
I may still be running around in shorts and sleeveless shirts...
and it may be 86 degrees outside...
but, thousands of Colorado aspen trees can't be wrong!
Today, Dennis and I took a drive to the nearby mountains.
It was such a beautiful afternoon!
 By the way: how do you like my leaf-peeping gear?
I bought this barn jacket at a thrift store, for $6.99.
It's by Coldwater Creek, with velvet collar and cuffs.
Not bad, huh?
I hope you're enjoying your changing seasons, too!


Susan said…
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Susan said…
You lucky girl! That jacket is adorable! You're lucky for having nice weather too. It is 40 degrees and has been raining for days here in Pennsylvania. I need sunshine!
Kathy said…
Oh my yes, I think we have to admit it. We don't have 86 here, more like 65 and I will be wearing a sweater to work tomorrow. Great score on the jacket!
Tami Hacker said…
What a gorgeous Autumn day! The trees are so beautiful. Really nice photos of you & Dennis!

Love your thrift store Coldwater Creek jacket. One of my favorite Coldwater Creek jackets (cranberry velvet) I got for $4.00 at a local thrift store - gotta love our thrift stores.
Becs said…
Oh Laurie what beautiful trees and the colors are amazing!!! Still not Autn here yet. Oh well soon??? Becs
Anonymous said…
The trees are gorgeous! Wow! You made quite a wonderful find with that jacket. It is so beautiful and for $6.99...what a bargain.

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