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A new year

I hope this year will be much easier than the last one, for everyone I know.  I also want to say I'm sorry for not updating this blog since the end of October!  The end of the year was perhaps the worst of it; I'm not able to fake it very well, so instead of coming here and trying to be cheerful, I just don't come here! That's not to say we didn't have lovely holidays despite it all; we did! Here in Colorado January is off to a cold start; even though we get to see the sun on some of the chillier days, it's not possible to hang around outdoors. A frozen fountain I became ill shortly after the new year and continue to struggle with stuff (nothing real serious); I am looking forward to things being back to normal, so I can feel WELL and go back to the gym and have energy to spare! I don't think I posted about it here, but we did get a new kitten to keep Art company after he pined and paced over Paul Simon.  We thought we were getting a little boy