A new year

I hope this year will be much easier than the last one, for everyone I know.  I also want to say I'm sorry for not updating this blog since the end of October!  The end of the year was perhaps the worst of it; I'm not able to fake it very well, so instead of coming here and trying to be cheerful, I just don't come here!
That's not to say we didn't have lovely holidays despite it all; we did!
Here in Colorado January is off to a cold start; even though we get to see the sun on some of the chillier days, it's not possible to hang around outdoors.
A frozen fountain
I became ill shortly after the new year and continue to struggle with stuff (nothing real serious); I am looking forward to things being back to normal, so I can feel WELL and go back to the gym and have energy to spare!
I don't think I posted about it here, but we did get a new kitten to keep Art company after he pined and paced over Paul Simon.  We thought we were getting a little boy cat and we named him Jude.  It turns out he is a she, but the name still works.  It's taken MONTHS for Art to come around to liking Jude even a little.  But we're finally make some progress.
And, yes, she looks just like Paul.  That was my husband's idea.  She really is a sweet little cat, and she helps my heart to heal from losing him.  Having a new kitten in the house meant we couldn't do much with breakable decor for the holidays, so we had to get creative.  We hung it high...

 and hid it in cabinets...
and under glass!
Now that we've moved onto -- and almost finished -- January, I've been making valentine-y stuff for swaps, and some Downton Abbey art for my Etsy shop.
I still like to pop into the Goodwill "bins" (Outlet Center) for a steal, like this old magazine rack; prices there are going up, but they are still remarkable.  And you know how I love a project!
 Yesterday I went to the Simply Vintage Market and bought some treasures, like the hand-painted plaque above...
 Valentine ephemera from Pink Attic Cat,

 And -- my favorite find of all -- this antique thimble holder!
 As you can see, the thimble goes into that tiny basket...
but the best part is that it was made using A WISHBONE as a frame!  Dying!
 I bought it from a seller who mostly makes heart-stoppingly gorgeous jewelry; I also brought home these mustard seed earrings!
 Another dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse on all these quilt squares!
 There are some really fun fabrics in these pieces!
The way things go with us, if my husband has a job and we all have health insurance, it is well with us.  And so it is.
I love valentine crafting!  This is from vintage scraps, and the pink holder is an antique shoe stretcher!
I'm looking forward to hearing how you are doing!


Kelli Davidson said…
My wish for you is that this is your best year yet!! <3
Dee in N.H. said…
It was so awesome to see you pop up on my reader this morning! Glad to see you back. It wasn't a great year here either. It can only get better. Anyways...it was great to see you post!
jeanniemc said…
So glad to see you back on here! Can’t wait to see your new creations with those quilt squares! The new kitty is adorable...and get well soon! Hugs..

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