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Stitching, life inspiration and Christmas planning

 Remember when I stitched these little squares from vintage transferred fabric?  Well I spent some time mounting them last week.  One of them ended up shaped like a heart and mounted on this fabulous fabric that was once a paisley tie -- vintage of course.  The other two I simply stitched to a scrap of white with black thread; eventually they will end up on a sampler.  I free handed this basket of irises, in silk ribbon embroidery on some simple muslin fabric.  Then I turned it into a little stuffed heart.  I think it's very cheery.  Remember the little tag book I bought from Terri ?  I searched out some graduation quotes and then sat and cut them out and glued them onto the tags to create a graduation card for a friend.  The quotes are aimed at graduates but they apply to all of us, don't they? On the last page/tag I'm planning to seek out a gift card from a restaurant near her new college campus to complete the little gift.  I stopped


The weather in Colorado has been very flaky. As in, snow flakes; here is the scene on my patio early this morning. Yesterday's grey sky while I was out for a walk. The snow melt from that morning caused little rushing rivers. I guess more precipitation is on the way this weekend and early next week along with chilly temperatures. Sigh.  I made a pretty white cuff bracelet the other night. Very simple -- just wrap a metal cuff with muslin and glue on a row of pretty white rose trim! I also glued down the roses on that wreath and got it listed on Etsy. Yes -- there are a few things in my Etsy shop as of a couple of days ago! Also, I got a hair cut.  Lots of hairs, actually. It was sort of a snap decision and, as it was just in time for the snow, I am feeling some regret. Oh, well. We spent the morning yesterday at Ben's Senior Breakfast, or Capping Ceremony.  This whole concept was new to me, and it was quite a big to-do.  Ben with

Family photos at Fox Run

We had a wonderful experience having our photos taken by J. Leigh Photography a few weeks ago; we did the photos at Fox Run Regional park here in Colorado. It was a fun family event and the bonus was ending up with 50 beautiful photos of our family. One of which will be going out with Ben's graduation announcements -- and, yes, I am freaking out as the clock clicks closer to that life-changing day. Soon it will just be Dennis and I at home.  With that in mind, here's a little monogram I stitched on a vintage damask napkin; it's cheerily hanging in our master bath now.   Much more cheerily than I am at the prospect of our empty nest I must say! Another little project: I covered a pillow with some beautiful antique bark cloth fabric; it's always hard to make a cut into old fabric but I'm always pleased with the results.  More heart stitching while at work...  I added three buttons (finally!) to the little heart I made a few months ago, above.

What's on my worktable and a couple of questions

A few days ago at work I had was stitching around these little birdies from a scrap of one of my favorite fabrics... and the next day I worked on them with some paper supplies...I really enjoyed this impromptu project!   As you can see, I also added one with a little crocheted butterfly doily that I'd received in a Birdsong swap last year.  This one is my favorite.  Then I made the leftover paper scraps into an array of tags... which I sewed pretty buttons onto, just for fun.   If I ever reopen my Etsy store, I'll include these as little thank you gifts when I send stuff out. Or maybe they can be gift tags... I also embroidered these little squares from vintage stamped transfers I'd bought years ago at a flea market...  Because, as you know, I am loving french knots these days Then in a moment of, "I need to leave for work and I have no projects to work on" panic, I grabbed the little sponsor kit I'd sent off to Birdsong 3 a