Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Official: I'm a Floozie! And other news

I can't tell you how excited I am to have finally gotten a space on the Button Floozies site; here's a link to my first post over there!  Fun, fun.

I have so many things I want to photograph and show you when I get a free moment.  Right now, Ben's home on his second week of Spring Break and the weather's been spectacular for the last couple of days, so I'm not at my computer as much.  He and I are leaving Dennis on his own for a few days to fly out to see our friends in Oklahoma later this week.  We'll be back on Easter and plan to eat at one of our favorite restaurants when Dennis picks us up in Denver, on the way home from the airport.

Easter!  That is one holiday that has creeped up on me this year!  Would you believe I have not one single Easter decoration up in the house?!

I did manage to get some photos of my Etsy Bloggers Street Team journal swap project before I send it off today:

Here's the front of the journal

Here's the page where we were to introduce ourselves

On the page on the left, we were to write about the town we grew up in; on the page on the right, we had to write one word about our day in large letters

Here, we were to write about a song and what it meant to us.  I chose "Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink, and wrote about how my heart breaks over my oldest, best friend who is in an abusive relationship

On the page on the left, we were to tear up a photograph and put it back together again; on the page on the right, we were to list the four most recent listings in our Etsy Favorites

 For this page, we were to put an element of our art on the page and write about it.

There were 31 pages in all, one for each day of the month in March.  (I finished a couple of days early, because we're going out of town.)  I enjoyed the project, and I can't wait to see the one I'll be getting from my swap partner!

In other news: I'm learning how to improve on the traffic to my examiner.com page; earlier this week, I was the number one Examiner in Colorado Springs...for about a day.  Now I'm down to number three -- which is still awesome, as they only note the top five, so being in there anywhere is great.  I love learning new things!

I'll leave you with some photos I took of a package of -what else? - buttons that I sent to an overseas friend, Barbara, aka Vintage Bunty; I got very carried away in the decorating and arranging of the box, but I enjoyed it so.  Best of all, she loved getting them!
The pretty, rose covered box contains two smaller boxes of buttons; the vellum envelope holds...

 these two pages which I sewed buttons on to.

 MOPs in one small box...
and an assortment of old white buttons in the other!

Prettily wrapped!
I could play with stuff like this all day, if I had the time!  It is so calming and enjoyable.

As I mentioned above, I'm dying to show you photos of some of the other joys in my life, such as the boxes of linens and things that my sweet, generous friend Linda Sue has showered me with as she de-clutters!  I am in heaven!  I'll get to it as soon as possible, dear friends!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whew, what a week!

I have not had the greatest week.  It had its really nice moments, but overall I would have to say it was one I'll be happy to put behind me.  Here's how it went down:

Sunday: Ben cuts a gash over his eye in a skiing accident
Monday: Rock bullets beneath the wheel of a truck in front of me and cracks my car's windshield
Tuesday: We can't leave Glenwood Springs until we get the windshield fixed, and we end up driving home just ahead of a massive snowstorm (you probably saw it on the news - every road we were traveling on ended up closing)
Wednesday: Package arrives for Ben from his grandparents; inside is an electronic gadget (Ipod Touch) he's been wanting/saving for but that we weren't letting him buy, yet.  He and I spend the day monkeying with it.  Drama.
Thursday: I discover our main computer is broken and not fixable.  Also, that the cat has a UTI.
Friday: Well, Friday was okay if you don't count the second big snowstorm.  But still.

So, it's Saturday and now we have a brand new computer, and I really do like it.  I guess I'm over the sticker shock and able to enjoy all the new features and the fact that it's faster.  And prettier.  It has Windows 7.

The cat got a shot at the vet and then some antibiotics. She already seems better!

It was a very expensive week.

Oh, and: I used this article to hide the navbar on my blog, at the very top of this page.  I really like the streamlined look.

Today I did something I've been really wanting to do: I got together a group of local Etsians and wrote an article for examiner.com about them.  I also included a slide show in the article, my first ever.  Check it out!

Lady of the Leaves by Lady Artisan

I'm participating in a journal swap through the Etsy Bloggers Street Team, where we fill a journal with 31 days of reflections on prescribed subjects, and then send it along to our partners.  My partner is Lady Artisan, and I'm to blog and journal about one of the items in her Etsy shop.  Lady Artisan has two Etsy shops, Lady Artisan Ltd. and Lady Artisan Pewter.  I chose an item out of her Ltd. shop, called Lady of the Leaves.

Isn't it beautiful?  It's a life size bronze water fountain.  Here's how Lady Artisan describes it:

"This is a Lady Artisan Ltd. limited edition cast into bronze. Water trickles through leaves entwined through the sculpture’s hair into a ceramic bowl where this Lady Artisan original rests. Bronze leaves "float" on the surface of the water. The artist Lady Artisan, who configured the leaves so that they appear to rest on the surface of the water, achieved the floating illusion in this work of art. The natural mix of green and brown patina applied by the artist to the sculpture brings out the life-like details of this Lady and her Leaves."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was pleased to receive this award from Deborah; I'm always touched when someone thinks of me when the awards come around!  Thank you, Deborah!

I also enjoy it when the award requests that you post a few facts about yourself, because there's always something new and fun for us to learn about each other.  For this one, I'm to list seven things:

1.  I am terribly afraid of spiders; I don't fear snakes or other bugs, not even stinging ones, but a small spider will send me heading for the hills. My mother once said that when I was a baby, she left me outside for a few minutes and came back to me crying because a spider had crawled on me.  I'm pretty sure that's when it began.
2.  I've wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade.
3.  I used to teach a class on how to declutter your house, but ever since I had to sell my parent's house and kept some of their stuff, my house has cluttered up again.  I worry I'm going to end up being featured on "Hoarders: Buried Alive" and am trying to get back to my previous, uncluttered life.  But crafty stuff and vintage beauties don't count as clutter in my book!  Neither do books, for that matter!
4.  The first time I held an antique crazy quilt in my hands, I cried because it was so beautiful.
5.  I recently realized that, based upon what I used to dream about when I was a teenager, this is it: I'm living my dream. Pretty cool.
6.  My dreams are different now.  They include a world where everyone in it has enough to eat.
7.  I don't have much family, so my friends are very, very important to me.

I'm going to pass this award along to 5 beautiful bloggers, some new friends, some "old":

Enjoy, ladies!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alice Tag Swap Tag Book

My tag book arrived, and here are the photos I've been dying to show you:

Here's how it was wrapped -- Karla wrapped the little "Drink Me" bottle separately so it wouldn't break, and both packages in the pages of a vintage Alice in  Wonderland book!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring and nothing's broken, thankfully

Our Spring Break trip to Glenwood Springs was lovely!  In case you're wondering how much I accomplished with all the projects I brought along, the answer is nothing: zero, zip, zilch.  I managed to finish the book I brought up with me, and that's about as energetic as I got during my down time!

But, I relaxed, soaked in the springs, took lots of photos, rummaged through antique shops...and drove my husband and son back and forth to the ski mountain.  We had some amazing meals!

We had gorgeous weather in the 50's and 60's the whole time we were there -- warm enough to sit out by the hot springs pool and feel like it was summer!  That is a good feeling.

On their first day of skiing, my son went on his skis to look at a trail sign, slipped on a patch of solid ice in front of the sign, and hit his head on a metal shelf at the bottom of the sign.  His glasses broke, and so did his skin.  He was taken down the mountain on a sled by a first aid worker, and spent some time in the medical cabin.  Thankfully, my friend was with him (thank you, Rebecca!) Thankfully, it was just a cut.  Thankfully, he didn't need stitches.  Thankfully, it was his eyebrow and not his eye that he hit.  Thankfully, his tetanus shot was up to date.

I had one of those tough mothering moments when my friend told me Ben had been hurt: I felt a little faint, and the feeling stayed with me for hours...just a low-level panicky feeling that I had to work at keeping under control.  I just couldn't believe he'd gotten hurt and I wasn't there.  I felt better after I'd seen the cut under the bandage and realized it doesn't span the whole entire eyebrow -- that's just the bandage.

Of course I realize that he is 12 years old, going on 13, and that this isn't the first nor, I'm sure, will it be the last time he'll get hurt and I won't be there...but those are rational thoughts and not feelings.

We came home yesterday, just ahead of a wicked snow storm.  It snowed all night, and we have about 4 inches, much higher in drifts.  Ben's new glasses are on order.  And the cat is sick.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

Today's the first day of Spring Break for us, unofficially -- it was to begin on Monday, March 22, but then a blizzard blew in so today's a snow day!  Tomorrow we're taking a short trip to Glenwood Springs.  I've never been there before, so I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm guessing it will be a lot like the photo above, since they've surely gotten more snow than we have down here (we got about 4 inches today.)  I've heard it's lovely to sit in the hot springs pools while snow falls all around you!  I'm very much looking forward to the mineral baths having a positive effect on my plantar fascitis and tibial tendinitis.  It's getting so much better due to my twice a week physical therapy, but I still have a ways to go!

My husband and son are looking forward to skiing, but I won't be doing that.  Instead, I'm planning to visit the antique and thrift stores in town and beyond that I'm bringing the camera, books, sewing projects, a journal, and my computer.  Also, we're meeting some friends up there that we plan to ski, soak, and dine with!

I really liked the idea of leaving the computer at home, but have decided to bring it for a few reasons.  First, I will need to post at least one article on my examiner.com page while we're away, and so far I haven't found out how to "schedule" a post the way you can on blogger.  Second, I may get inspired to do some writing, and I much prefer keyboarding to longhand.  And thirdly, I'd like to keep up with all of you!  I'm not sure if I'll be posting while we're gone, but I do believe you'll see me visiting and commenting on your blogs at least!

Here's what I'm bringing along:

First, this tea towel.  I bought this retro transfer sheet over the summer, and think it will be fun stitching some "atomic age" motifs on the towel.  A quick and easy project!

Have you seen the 39 squares blog?  The writer, Amy, decided to embroider a sampler with one small square for each of her 39 years to celebrate her birthday.  She's stitching one square a day, and posting each square on the blog.  I found out about it quite late, so I didn't begin along with the rest of her followers.  But, it's such a cute idea that I decided to start a sampler on this trip.  I'm going to do 46 squares, and maybe I'll be finished by my 46th birthday (in September...)  I'm really looking forward to coming up with 46 mini motifs!

I'm stitching the squares on a piece of antique linen; above you can see I've drawn out my 46 squares in pencil.

And, above is the little collection I've assembled of fabrics, threads, trims, and trinkets to help inspire my squares.

I'm also excited to get a chance to use that little sewing caddy I blogged about a while back.

I'm also bringing along the journal I've been writing as part of a swap.  I've never done a journal swap before; for this one, we're to fill it up every day for a month on prescribed topics,  and then send it along to our partner.  We will each receive a journal from someone other than the person we sent ours too!  I'm about a week behind in the daily topics, so I'm hoping to get a few pages done while in Glenwood Springs.

Today I received my Alice in Wonderland tag book from the exchange and some other wonderful items in the mail; I can't wait to show you photos but it will have to be upon our return because the light is so poor here today (snowy gray.)  I look forward to that!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Etsy Street Team Blogger of the Month: Dizzy Dragonflies

The March Etsy Street Team Blogger of the Month is Vicki of Dizzy Dragonflies in Indiana! In her Etsy shop she sells her hand dyed, hand spun yarns, and they are gorgeous.  And she blogs about it all on her blog, Knitting Dragonflies.

I especially loved this post where she shows us how she dyes a bunch of different, spring colors!  Feast your eyes:

I think this is my favorite item in her shop:

She calls the yarn "Tropical Waters".  I call it yummy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cardigan Welsch Corgis, Puppy Love, and Other Signs of Spring

It is supposed to be 60 degrees here in Colorado today.  If it indeed gets up there, it will be the first hint of Spring we've had that wasn't smothered by wind and snow.  Everything has been brown and dead around my house, and the lawn is still yellow, but this morning I see my lilacs have buds, so there is hope of new life!

Speaking of new life: friends of ours have a new litter of puppies that I have already visited once.  They are Cardigan Welsh Corgis, seven little girl puppies and one little boy.  My son and I have held and cuddled with every one of them.  They are SO SWEET!  We love them!  We want one!

There's nothing on this earth like a puppy, is there?  

My son is in love with the one in the 4th photo.  Her name is Violet.

You need a puppy, don't you?  If you know anyone who's looking -- seven of them (all girls) are still for sale and will be available April 9th!

If you're hungering for more evidence of Spring, the Etsy Blogger Blog Carnival is up at Made by Melissa's blog.