Spring Break

Today's the first day of Spring Break for us, unofficially -- it was to begin on Monday, March 22, but then a blizzard blew in so today's a snow day!  Tomorrow we're taking a short trip to Glenwood Springs.  I've never been there before, so I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm guessing it will be a lot like the photo above, since they've surely gotten more snow than we have down here (we got about 4 inches today.)  I've heard it's lovely to sit in the hot springs pools while snow falls all around you!  I'm very much looking forward to the mineral baths having a positive effect on my plantar fascitis and tibial tendinitis.  It's getting so much better due to my twice a week physical therapy, but I still have a ways to go!

My husband and son are looking forward to skiing, but I won't be doing that.  Instead, I'm planning to visit the antique and thrift stores in town and beyond that I'm bringing the camera, books, sewing projects, a journal, and my computer.  Also, we're meeting some friends up there that we plan to ski, soak, and dine with!

I really liked the idea of leaving the computer at home, but have decided to bring it for a few reasons.  First, I will need to post at least one article on my examiner.com page while we're away, and so far I haven't found out how to "schedule" a post the way you can on blogger.  Second, I may get inspired to do some writing, and I much prefer keyboarding to longhand.  And thirdly, I'd like to keep up with all of you!  I'm not sure if I'll be posting while we're gone, but I do believe you'll see me visiting and commenting on your blogs at least!

Here's what I'm bringing along:

First, this tea towel.  I bought this retro transfer sheet over the summer, and think it will be fun stitching some "atomic age" motifs on the towel.  A quick and easy project!

Have you seen the 39 squares blog?  The writer, Amy, decided to embroider a sampler with one small square for each of her 39 years to celebrate her birthday.  She's stitching one square a day, and posting each square on the blog.  I found out about it quite late, so I didn't begin along with the rest of her followers.  But, it's such a cute idea that I decided to start a sampler on this trip.  I'm going to do 46 squares, and maybe I'll be finished by my 46th birthday (in September...)  I'm really looking forward to coming up with 46 mini motifs!

I'm stitching the squares on a piece of antique linen; above you can see I've drawn out my 46 squares in pencil.

And, above is the little collection I've assembled of fabrics, threads, trims, and trinkets to help inspire my squares.

I'm also excited to get a chance to use that little sewing caddy I blogged about a while back.

I'm also bringing along the journal I've been writing as part of a swap.  I've never done a journal swap before; for this one, we're to fill it up every day for a month on prescribed topics,  and then send it along to our partner.  We will each receive a journal from someone other than the person we sent ours too!  I'm about a week behind in the daily topics, so I'm hoping to get a few pages done while in Glenwood Springs.

Today I received my Alice in Wonderland tag book from the exchange and some other wonderful items in the mail; I can't wait to show you photos but it will have to be upon our return because the light is so poor here today (snowy gray.)  I look forward to that!


Jennifer said…
Laurie, I just got your adorable card in the mail yesterday. Thanks for sending it. It's always fun to get real mail. Have a great little break. It's always fun to visit a new place. Take care.

Bunty said…
Oh Laurie, will you have time to take a break, relax and soak up the atmosphere with all THOSE fascinating projects on the go! They all sound wonderful - I was wondering about the 39 squares but like you, saw it late and thought do I really need the added pressure of doing a square a day? I am still thinking about it though!

Have a lovely break and looking forward to hearing about your trip, your projects and your Alice tag returns - I'm still waiting for mine!. Have fun!

Barbara :)
Unknown said…
I hope you have a wonderful time...hot springs sound great...i think they are the best when it is cold outside...it sure looks like winter there!
Spotted Sparrow said…
Wow, those springs look AMAZING! Have a wonderful time!
Deborah said…
Hope you have a great time! I have given you a bloggers award! Check my blog.

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