Time for Some Thrifty Finds!

Here are some fun thrift-store finds:

First, look at this pretty quilt!  In the photo above, it's spread out on a Queen sized bed.  I first saw it when someone else had it in her cart, and I was downhearted because I hadn't seen it first.  

But then I saw her put it back on the rack!  I asked her why she wasn't going to buy it, and she said she just had too many already!  I'm not sure there is such a thing as "too many antique quilts" myself; do you?

So I was lucky -- it has only three very small holes in it, no stains, and is all hand-sewn and tied; it has some lovely fabrics in it, as you can see!

 I love this little tin -- it's quite old:
I just LOVE the colors, and it has perfect patina. 

 I found this...

Tagged with this intriguing tag:

It's made in France; here's a better view:
Strange, no?
Above, a small, hammered aluminum tray; it is etched with a bouquet of beautiful tulips.  Spring time!
Anytime I see a piece of old china with flowers like the one above, all crackled and worn, I'm a goner.
Even the backstamp is pretty!

More gorgeous old china...

How precious is this lid?!

A pine needle basket; I buy these for my mother-in-law.  This one was just $5!  (Shh, don't tell her I got it so cheap!)

I'll be listing the quilt and the gold basket in my Etsy shop today; the rest of it is mine! All mine!


Oh, what goodies! How fun! I just LOVE great finds, and these are gorgeous. Good eye! That French basket and pretty china with the roses are so pretty. Have a super weekend. ; )
Malisa said…
You must have better thrift stores to shop than I do! Those are great finds! What luck you had with the quilt!

Linda Sue said…
SCORE! BIG TIME!I would love to go on a road trip with you hitting all the charity shoppes on the planet! You're a good finder!!
I went thrift shopping today but alas, I didn't have near the luck you did. Those are some great finds! I'm jealous!
I was hunting purple garments for my b'day weekend in Boston. Saw many, tried on many, purchased zip.
MsAnomaly said…
Wow! You have an awesome thrift store! Those are great finds. Love the colors in that quilt, and the other items are fabulous! Way to go! :D
barb cabot said…
Laurie I want to go shopping with you one day. What treasures you find! Great photos of everything.
Ragamuffin Gal said…
Great Finds!! Can't wait to visit your Etsy stores! I love second (maybe 3rd or 4th) life items!
Unknown said…
I am drooling over the quilt....I am sure you knew I would be!!!!
Lydia said…
Love the hammered aluminum tray. I used to collect these pieces, because a friend of mine years ago brilloed hers to such a beautiful shine, and hung them on her Victorian kitchen walls. Her kitchen was so cool!

Now I only have a handful. Great for parties:)

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