Lady of the Leaves by Lady Artisan

I'm participating in a journal swap through the Etsy Bloggers Street Team, where we fill a journal with 31 days of reflections on prescribed subjects, and then send it along to our partners.  My partner is Lady Artisan, and I'm to blog and journal about one of the items in her Etsy shop.  Lady Artisan has two Etsy shops, Lady Artisan Ltd. and Lady Artisan Pewter.  I chose an item out of her Ltd. shop, called Lady of the Leaves.

Isn't it beautiful?  It's a life size bronze water fountain.  Here's how Lady Artisan describes it:

"This is a Lady Artisan Ltd. limited edition cast into bronze. Water trickles through leaves entwined through the sculpture’s hair into a ceramic bowl where this Lady Artisan original rests. Bronze leaves "float" on the surface of the water. The artist Lady Artisan, who configured the leaves so that they appear to rest on the surface of the water, achieved the floating illusion in this work of art. The natural mix of green and brown patina applied by the artist to the sculpture brings out the life-like details of this Lady and her Leaves."


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