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Hey, have you noticed the blue square button to the left over there, at the top of my left sidebar?
Several months ago I applied to write for a website called; I wrote a sample article and nominated myself to be the Colorado Springs Antique and Thrift Shopping Examiner.  It took many months, but they finally got back to me and made me exactly that!  What it means is that I write a minimum of 3 short articles per week for the site, which appear on my very own page.  I earn money based on the number of hits I get on my page, and it adds up slowly.

I would be grateful to anyone who visits my page from time to time, and/or signs up to subscribe! For now, I'm focusing on local shopping, but in the near future I'll be writing on more general topics as well, that I think you'd find interesting!  I'll throw a link up now and then to my articles on this blog, just to remind you.

Can you tell I'm excited about this?  As my pal Jenni pointed out, I get to write about something I love doing -- what could be better than that?  What makes it real fun is that it gives me the perfect reason to re-visit each of my favorite local antique and thrift shopping spots in the coming weeks!  It's going to be a blast.

Ultimately, I hope that it will lead to much more online paid writing, which is a big deal because, as it nears a year since I graduated with my BA in Creative Writing, I still haven't found a paying writing job.  As so many others are experiencing, jobs in this field are also few and far between these days.


Pretty Things said…
Awesome! Congrats!
Laurie, that is SO neat!! Congrats!

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