Beautiful Blogger Award

I was pleased to receive this award from Deborah; I'm always touched when someone thinks of me when the awards come around!  Thank you, Deborah!

I also enjoy it when the award requests that you post a few facts about yourself, because there's always something new and fun for us to learn about each other.  For this one, I'm to list seven things:

1.  I am terribly afraid of spiders; I don't fear snakes or other bugs, not even stinging ones, but a small spider will send me heading for the hills. My mother once said that when I was a baby, she left me outside for a few minutes and came back to me crying because a spider had crawled on me.  I'm pretty sure that's when it began.
2.  I've wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade.
3.  I used to teach a class on how to declutter your house, but ever since I had to sell my parent's house and kept some of their stuff, my house has cluttered up again.  I worry I'm going to end up being featured on "Hoarders: Buried Alive" and am trying to get back to my previous, uncluttered life.  But crafty stuff and vintage beauties don't count as clutter in my book!  Neither do books, for that matter!
4.  The first time I held an antique crazy quilt in my hands, I cried because it was so beautiful.
5.  I recently realized that, based upon what I used to dream about when I was a teenager, this is it: I'm living my dream. Pretty cool.
6.  My dreams are different now.  They include a world where everyone in it has enough to eat.
7.  I don't have much family, so my friends are very, very important to me.

I'm going to pass this award along to 5 beautiful bloggers, some new friends, some "old":

Enjoy, ladies!


Sandra said…
Congratulations Laurie, you truly do deserve this award!!!
Wow, your number 5 is such a moving statement. Brava, lady.
Cindy said…
Wonderful award of which I know you are so worthy of. Congratulations! And a big congratulations goes out to Molly also 'cause she is just the greatest also.
Oh Laurie...thank you, Barbara too! It did mean so much to me. I posted so come see! Do I pass along? I HATE spiders too and I love watching Hoarders. I can't stand it and have to watch...the whole "train wreck" syndrome.

You made my day!!
Oh my gosh! I'm out blog hopping and stumbled in... I get giddy when I find a kindred spirit! I just adore the pretties you make. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day soon. until later...

ps. Congrats on the award! very well deserved! ...and I'm your newest follower! I'll be back to explore...
Viola said…
Congratulations, Laurie! Thank you, you`re the sweetest! Liebe Grüße! :o)

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