Local Kitty Makes Good

One of my friends, Michelle, is a gifted artist and photographer.  She's also a wife, mother, and lover of dogs.  Cats, not so much.

But my cat, Kyra, is very special.  Kyra's shy and reserved but she really comes out of her shell (and out of the sanctuary of my bedroom) in the presence of a certain type of woman:  she likes gentle, kind-hearted, artistic women.  So, naturally Kyra loves Michelle.

The first time Kyra met Michelle - and, like most cat non-lovers, Michelle kept her distance - Kyra insisted.  She jumped right into Michelle's lap as she sat at my kitchen table drinking coffee!  Kyra purred and gazed up at Michelle with her big green eyes; I don't think Michelle really stood a chance!

Not too long ago, Michelle took some photos of Kyra, then she had the photos made into notecards:

This is the front of the card.

This is the reverse; she always puts a quote on the back of her cards.

Don't you love how she put Kyra with her back towards us on the back of the card?

Michelle's going to open an Etsy shop to sell her many notecards one of these days; when she does, you'll be the first to know!

I recently received one final OWOH gift that I won from Kylie in Australia!  It was a custom gift, so she asked what kinds of things I like, and then sent this:

Wrapped in pattern paper, with a sweet tag.

How do you think she did -- did she get me?  I think so, too!  I love ephemera!  (And I enjoyed getting something from so far away.)

I've spent some time this week working on a "tray" of buttons to enter in a competition next month at the Colorado State Button Society's show in Denver.  I have to gather 24 buttons from among my collection that depict certain things (animals, foliage, etc.) and that are certain sizes, and then arrange and label them on a board according to the guidelines of the Award.  I've found that it's a lot harder than it sounds!  I'll let you see the results when I've finished...but it may not be anytime soon!


Unknown said…
the notecards of Kyra are so pretty and how sweet of her....I love how she did the back too.......Melinda
Regina said…
The cards are wonderful...LOVE the BACK!!!

Congrats on your OWOH gift...great items.

Looking forward to seeing that button project.

Sandra said…
I love how she did the back of her cards, and btw, Kyra is a very pretty cat! Wow, another OWOH gift, she did a great job in picking out something for you!! Good luck on the button card project!
Kyra sounds like a very perceptive cat and a real beauty! Love the cards your friend created for you! Also the OWOH gifts looks wonderful! We do love ephemera!!! Hugs, Coralie
Angela said…
Kyra is a beauty, looks like she knows how to pose! :o) Very neat to have cards with your own cat on them!
I can't wait to see your button card!
Micki said…
I love the postcards with Kyra, and congrats on your OWOH prize...it is wonderful!
Bunty said…
Love the ephemera you received from the OWOH giveaway and the pictures of Kyra - she looks very sweet!

Looking forward to reading about your button project - you lead such an interesting life!


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