Alice in Wonderland Tag Swap

If you've noticed that cute little button on the left sidebar, you know I'm participating in Karla Nathan's Alice in Wonderland Tag Book Swap!  I have finished and mailed off my tags to Karla; would you like to see them?
Here's the whole group (we had to make six)

Each tag I made was two-sided

Even though I'm finished making the swap tags, I can't seem to stop.  I've made a few more tags for my Etsy shop, here, and here!


I'm really loving your Alice tags!!! Awesome job!!!

(Laurie...If you have a chance, please visit my daughter Carrie's blog ( as she writes about her husband's loss of job last week. They have two toddlers and are trying to stay positive! I know she'd appreciate a visit! And so will I! Thanks so much!)
Jingle said…
Oh, I am SO jealous! I SO wanted to join this tag swap, but for some reason they always seem to come at a tough time for me. Oh, well. Anyway...your tags are FANTASTIC! I love them! So wonderful!
Sherrie said…
I love those, you are very talented and creative. I really need to clean out my stash in my sewing room and sit down to start making something. Thanks for the inspiration.
Unknown said…
These tags are so lovely. I hope I get one of yours in my book. I love Karla, she is amazing, and I love her swaps.
Laurie, your tags are gorgeous. Brava.

I haven't done a blog swap in eons. I never even see them around - I must not be traveling in the right circles! ;o)
MsAnomaly said…
All of the tags are great! I love the "vintage with a touch of whimsy" look of each and every one of them. great work! :)
Micki said…
Your tags are just so pretty! What a talent you are!
Laurie, your box arrived today and the cottage sheet music is fantastic! Thanks so much! Plus wallpaper? Wow. Not to mention those adorable tags!


Sandra said…
Laurie, your tags are so pretty, such a talented lady!

I've also nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award, you can pick it up over on my blog here:
You've got an awesome, and entertaining blog! You have so much talent to share with the blogging world. Congratulations.

Jennifer said…
Laurie, Those tags are wonderful. I am doing a Mad Hatter Tea Party this summer for my dotters birthday. I'm going to hop over to your shop and look at the tags. Thanks for the post about my giveaway. I am so glad you liked my fairy gifts.
Ragamuffin Gal said…
Oh I just love these!!!
Unknown said…
what is is about Alice in Wonderland that I love so much? maybe it is that strangeness is celebrated....these tags are amazing girl........

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