A Quilt of Friendship

I hardly know how to begin to say how special I felt when I opened a package that arrived from my friend Angela who blogs at Country Scrap Quilts and lives in Illinois.  Angela is what I call "a real quilter" (as opposed to someone like me who has never made a full size one); she makes and sells her quilts from her website -- and she is very prolific!  It seems like very time I turn around, she's finished another quilt!  She has also recently started a brand new blog that is solely dedicated to her journey as she makes two Dear Jane quilts.  And all of this while being a wife and mother to four children!  Including a set of triplets the same age as my son -- and a three year old!

Angela's package was a surprise, and when I opened it my heart was pounding; do you know, I actually cried a little bit when I saw that inside was this GORGEOUS quilt!:

I have always been envious of people for whom quilts were made, and I never thought I would be a member of that group -- ever!

She told me in the note that was attached to the quilt that she when she saw the fabric, she knew she had to make me a quilt!  Aren't the fabrics and the colors beautiful?!  They all have a vintage, charming feeling -- warm, and lovely blues, reds, and greens.

I still can't believe it!

My heart feels warmed whenever I think about it...you know that feeling, the one where you just feel so special and loved?

 Here's the back story: this past Christmas, I made Angela something special and sent it to her as a surprise. I asked Angela not send me anything in return, but she told me (with a wink, I'm sure!) that one of these days when I least expected it...and of course this was that day!

Have I mentioned she made the quilt just for me?  (Tears in my eyes...)

You will see a lot of this quilt, in photos of my home, or whenever I want a beautiful backdrop for something pretty...and it will become a family heirloom.

It will stay in the family room, where the greens coordinate with the wall color, and where I spend most of my time when I'm at home.

She already knows, but I'm going to say it again: Angela, you made me feel like a million dollars!  I never thought in my life I'd have someone make a quilt just for me!  You are a very special friend and I am so thankful to call you mine!

For the last few weeks, especially, I have felt so much sisterly love coming through the blogosphere.  I know it's not just me and my little circle of blog friends, because I see it happening on other people's blogs, too.

Isn't it fabulous?  What are some of the really sweet, wonderful things that people you've met through your blog have said or done for you?


Jann said…
The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! What a sweet surprise; I would have cried tears of joy, too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Smiles, Jann
Terri Gordon said…
Wow, what a beautiful quilt, just lovely. You are a lucky lady. Enjoy.
Pretty Things said…
That is just amazing! How blessed you are to have such a great friend!
Laurie, that is a phenomenal gift. Gorgeous and perfect and thoughtful. Wow.

p.s. thanks for the b-day wishes! :o)
Sandra said…
Laurie, what a beautiful gift. What a wonderful friend she is, to make you your very own quilt. It could not happen to a nicer lady than you!!
Have a happy week end my friend.
Angela said…
Laurie, I am so touched by how much you love your quilt. That is exactly why I make quilts. Not for recognition, or thanks. But because of the way a quilt can make a person feel. This quilt was meant to make you smile and wrap you in a hug whenever you need one. :o)
Bunty said…
Oh my goodness - what a treasure! You lucky girl ! I can imagine how thrilled you were - I would have been too. Enjoy looking at every detail of it! What a very kind gesture.

Unknown said…
it is just wonderful and that is how a quilt is supposed to make you feel! you look beautiful with it!!!!
Yes! These friendships are true treasures! We touch each other's hearts and grow from this each time we do! I love that your friend sent you this amazing quilt! But I understand because you are a very special person! Hugs for a great week!
Mary said…
Lucky Lucky Woman! That quilt is beautiful. You're so right that we in the blog-o-sphere are so lucky in our friendships.
You are one very lucky lady! What a gorgeous quilt and what a generous woman Angela is! Wowza, it is absolutely stunning! I adore the materials used!

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