Whew, what a week!

I have not had the greatest week.  It had its really nice moments, but overall I would have to say it was one I'll be happy to put behind me.  Here's how it went down:

Sunday: Ben cuts a gash over his eye in a skiing accident
Monday: Rock bullets beneath the wheel of a truck in front of me and cracks my car's windshield
Tuesday: We can't leave Glenwood Springs until we get the windshield fixed, and we end up driving home just ahead of a massive snowstorm (you probably saw it on the news - every road we were traveling on ended up closing)
Wednesday: Package arrives for Ben from his grandparents; inside is an electronic gadget (Ipod Touch) he's been wanting/saving for but that we weren't letting him buy, yet.  He and I spend the day monkeying with it.  Drama.
Thursday: I discover our main computer is broken and not fixable.  Also, that the cat has a UTI.
Friday: Well, Friday was okay if you don't count the second big snowstorm.  But still.

So, it's Saturday and now we have a brand new computer, and I really do like it.  I guess I'm over the sticker shock and able to enjoy all the new features and the fact that it's faster.  And prettier.  It has Windows 7.

The cat got a shot at the vet and then some antibiotics. She already seems better!

It was a very expensive week.

Oh, and: I used this article to hide the navbar on my blog, at the very top of this page.  I really like the streamlined look.

Today I did something I've been really wanting to do: I got together a group of local Etsians and wrote an article for examiner.com about them.  I also included a slide show in the article, my first ever.  Check it out!


Linda Sue said…
WHEW! You need a holiday! One not involving snow or skis...
I've had a week that was up and down, some good news, some worrisome stuff. I think rollercoasters make me dizzy, because I didn't handle it well!

Glad to hear the cat is better!
Your week sounds very hectic and dramatic to say the least...I really hope things level out for you next week and it is dull in comparison to this past week...Sorry about your computer but isn't it nice when you get a new one with all the Bells and Whistles? Have fun with it...
Ragamuffin Gal said…
Hi Laurie,
So sorry to hear about your week ~ and happy to know things are working out! I really loved Glenwood Springs when I visited there a few years ago and Wow, still having snow storms, well, you can always visit Missouri ~ it is getting really pretty here this time of the year, we have a spare room and I could help you with the ipod stuff! Blessings and wishes for a smoother week ahead!!!
Sandra said…
Oh, dear Laurie, after such a wonderful relaxing stay that was a terrible ending. So sorry to hear. Glad your kitty is better, and I am sure you will love your new computer. Take a deep breath, or two, sit with a cup of tea and concentrate on something that makes you happy, and let go of last week, sending you a big hug.
Loralynn said…
Wow! You had one heck of a week! When you mentioned the "drama" involved with the new iPod, I was so nodding my head! Been there, done that!!! lol btw - I really enjoyed your article, nicely written and I love the slideshow. I'm even grabbing the idea of the pincushions in the napkin rings!
Pretty Things said…
Argh, sounds like a rough week! Here's to a better one!
Lydia said…
What a hectic week!!! Nice article:). And why did you not want to get a Mac,Pray tell??? haha...glad you are liking the new computer:0
Unknown said…
I get weeks like that...shoot, I've had months like that...the plus side is it just makes you appreciate the good ones all the more! and you got a new computer!

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