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Snippets, blizzards, and a snow bunny

Here's the snippet roll I made for the Oh, So Pretty, Oh So Vintage swap: Rolled and tied The top, with its wire embellishment that looks pretty and also serves as a hanger for the snippet roll.  My partner wanted soft colors  Vintage velvet and silk flowers  An initial "C" in French laundry tape The you see the tiny, mother-of-pearl butterfly button? She liked it because, she said, it matched the colors of her craft room. I'm excited to receive mine from Cathee ! Did you hear about our blizzard on Wednesday? It was 65 degrees in my town the day before, and that evening we had a severe weather warning, and then the next morning we had crazy wind, blowing snow, and white-out conditions. I stayed home from work.  It was a very unpopular move (my boss gave me a hard time), but it ended up being the right one.  At my age, I  never  doubt my intuition about these things! The photo above is from a local news station, and

First weekend of Spring?

Spring blew in on an icy gust this weekend in Colorado Springs.  The sun is out this morning, but yesterday it was grey and frosty. It was a good day to stay home and do some cooking.  There's a dinner I love to make that reminds me of my time in Germany, and that was on the menu last night. Ben's heading back to the University tomorrow, so it was a send off dinner as well.  In the photo above, my apron is in German, a novelty print with the title, Cooking with Alcohol .  In keeping with the theme, I'm holding a Hof Brau Haus Hefeweizen beer. For the meal, I got out my collection of glass steins from breweries I'd visited in Germany; that was fun! I made red cabbage and schnitzel with a sour cream dill sauce.  Those aren't sausages on the right -- they are fingerling potatoes; on the left, a pretzel roll.  Our friends came over and we had a nice, relaxing, delicious meal that included coconut cream cake.   It was not a night for dieting! After

St. Patrick's Day Pocket Letter

Terri and I are exchanging pocket letters, and the other day one she made for me for St. Patrick's Day arrived!  I was SO excited, and you will see why: This is the front!  That green bow on the side is madeof vintage, supple velvet ribbon.  Flowery bird and a vintage flower!  Such a wonderful selection of green buttons for crafting!  The second row, with lots of sparkle! And the third row:   I love the vintage buds -- and the lace, beads and bling! Then, she also decorated the back:  She even managed to find an Irish stamp, along with other green ones.   I can't tell you how much I love this playing card with the flamingo... and the little pop of pink in this flower next to it! Now, hold on to your leprechaun hat, because Terri included some more gifts, too!  I L*O*V*E this ribbon doll tag she made...  when I unwrapped it, I couldn't stop running my fingers through the silky ribbons and lace hanging from

Popping in on Sunday night

I have been busy this weekend; my son is home for Spring Break and I'm trying to get glimpses of him here and there (or at least that's what it feels like sometimes!) I'm happy just to know he's here, and to hear the sound of his voice. But I wanted to show you how the fabric collage turned out!  The beaded piece added sparkle, and that pink flower with the silver in the middle is a favorite button! I love that fabric-covered brad; it's old Valentine's Day stock from K&Company. I love how it turned out, and I hope you do, too! This week I will also get to show you some St. Patrick's Day art -- not made by me but by a talented friend -- so, come back and visit again!

It's beginning to feel like Spring fever

I treated myself to a little thrifting last week -- nowhere near the scale as in days gone by, but still so relaxing, fun and rewarding!  Wanna see what I got? You know of my love for Vera Neumann.  Even though I'm not a butterfly motif lover, I did love this printed scarf. One day soon I'm going to get out and photograph my whole collection of Vera!  It's something I'm very much looking forward to featuring on this blog.  I just had to bring home this wonderful vintage silk handkerchief; it's labeled Cats n' Dogs -- and all of the little faces are different! Pretty gem-toned blue with white, and rolled, hand sewn edges! Then, at an antique store later the same day, I found some ephemera.  The enameled numbers were part of old stock used to number telephone poles. I don't know what I'll do with them, but it will involve a decoration for my front porch, as these are my house numbers! I thought this little Easter pick was just jolly --