First weekend of Spring?

Spring blew in on an icy gust this weekend in Colorado Springs.  The sun is out this morning, but yesterday it was grey and frosty.
It was a good day to stay home and do some cooking.  There's a dinner I love to make that reminds me of my time in Germany, and that was on the menu last night.
Ben's heading back to the University tomorrow, so it was a send off dinner as well.  In the photo above, my apron is in German, a novelty print with the title, Cooking with Alcohol.  In keeping with the theme, I'm holding a Hof Brau Haus Hefeweizen beer.
For the meal, I got out my collection of glass steins from breweries I'd visited in Germany; that was fun!
I made red cabbage and schnitzel with a sour cream dill sauce.  Those aren't sausages on the right -- they are fingerling potatoes; on the left, a pretzel roll.  Our friends came over and we had a nice, relaxing, delicious meal that included coconut cream cake.  It was not a night for dieting!
After Ben drives off this afternoon, I plan to go to the pool to swim laps, and then spend some time working on snippet roll swap that is due in a few days.  I've already collected a lot of fabrics and trinkets to choose from to create with -- now, I just need to decide and start sewing!  I may make two while I'm at it.  What are you working on this weekend?


Kathy said…
Oh schnitzel - yum yum yum!! Husband is from Germany and I adore that food, as well as the beer - LOL!
Kathy said…
Oh! Schnitzel - YUM! I adore red cabbage, too, but I'm not very good at making it. Sad for the German-born husband but true.
Anonymous said…
Looks like it was a wonderful meal and great time with your son.
Oh, looks like I missed the snippet swap, darn it.
Thanks for stopping by, it is always wonderful to have you visit.
Happy Spring
Unknown said…
Lovley Greets

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