Snippets, blizzards, and a snow bunny

Here's the snippet roll I made for the Oh, So Pretty, Oh So Vintage swap:
Rolled and tied
The top, with its wire embellishment that looks pretty and also serves as a hanger for the snippet roll.
 My partner wanted soft colors
 Vintage velvet and silk flowers
 An initial "C" in French laundry tape
The you see the tiny, mother-of-pearl butterfly button?
She liked it because, she said, it matched the colors of her craft room.
I'm excited to receive mine from Cathee!
Did you hear about our blizzard on Wednesday?
It was 65 degrees in my town the day before, and that evening we had a severe weather warning, and then the next morning we had crazy wind, blowing snow, and white-out conditions.
I stayed home from work.  It was a very unpopular move (my boss gave me a hard time), but it ended up being the right one.  At my age, I never doubt my intuition about these things!
The photo above is from a local news station, and was taken along my alternate route to work -- the highway I use was already closed -- and of course this road was eventually closed down as well.
My co-workers who live out my way never made it home from work that day!
Meanwhile, I was glad to be safe and cozy at home, and I had a chance to sew this new ottoman cover.  I made it to match the pillows on our new sofa.
We got even more snow last night.
Look who I found next to my penguin in my front flower bed this morning!
I wish it was sunny and warm; alas, I have chores to do at home, inside, today, so it's probably just as well.


Createology said…
No job is worth endangering your life or others. I hope your boss apologized to you! I adore your snippet roll and continue to tell myself I MUST make one for me! That sweet little bunny looks lonely and hungry. Easter Blessings Dear...
Linda said…
Amazing! Love the snippet colours, and the flutterby! Also, what a winning combination the material you chose for the ottoman is. Well, we didn't get snow, but we did get a hailstorm, but that didn't stick around for long.

Wishing you Happy Easter Blessings.
Cat Stegall said…
I adore my snippet roll...especially looking at your blog and seeing that it was made in a snow storm... living on a sub tropical island i yearn for snow. thank you for all of the detail and love you put in to it..hoping you have spring arrive soon! Cathee
Good for you following your intuition. Seriously. The world will not stop because you miss a day of work for your own safety. That mindset of work no matter what has got to go. Your snippet roll is absolutely amazing! Have a blessed day.
Marrianna said…
Beautiful snippet roll, as always. Great work.
JoAnne said…
Gorgeous snippet roll Laurie! Happy Easter and hope your weather becomes spring-like soon!
jeanniemc said…
Gorgeous snippet are so talented!
Kathy said…
Oh my gosh, you certainly did make the right decision and shame on your boss for questioning you keeping safe!
I adore all the little bits and pieces you gather for your snippet rolls!
Jackie PN said…
Yikes!! glad to hear you made the right call and stayed home! Shame on those bosses who think a job is more important than safety!
Your photos(even the ones with snow-heehee) are beautiful!thanks for sharing
Jackie ")
Amy B said…
Laurie, The roll you created is lovely. You captured soft colors as requested perfectly.... and added so much texture too. What wonderful little crocheted (or tatted) pieces you incorporated. Great details and great job! Glad you were safe from the snowy blowing. I live in Southern California and look wistfully at your snow pictures! - Amy B

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