St. Patrick's Day Pocket Letter

Terri and I are exchanging pocket letters, and the other day one she made for me for St. Patrick's Day arrived!  I was SO excited, and you will see why:
This is the front!  That green bow on the side is madeof vintage, supple velvet ribbon.
 Flowery bird and a vintage flower!
 Such a wonderful selection of green buttons for crafting!

 The second row, with lots of sparkle!
And the third row:
I love the vintage buds -- and the lace, beads and bling!
Then, she also decorated the back:

 She even managed to find an Irish stamp, along with other green ones. 

 I can't tell you how much I love this playing card with the flamingo...
and the little pop of pink in this flower next to it!
Now, hold on to your leprechaun hat, because Terri included some more gifts, too!
 I L*O*V*E this ribbon doll tag she made...
 when I unwrapped it, I couldn't stop running my fingers through the silky ribbons and lace hanging from it!
 And THEN there was all this -- just look at that green tatting!  And that velvet roll is the softest I have ever, ever felt.  I plan to wear the flower and ribbon (with a button!) pin on my lapel on St. Patrick's Day.
It all came together with a sweet, cheerful, sparkly flower card.
I know, I am so spoiled.
I wish you a wonderful, creative St. Patrick's Day filled with lots of vintage, green goodness!


jeanniemc said…
Oh my goodness... Love your St Patrick day pocket letter full of gorgeousness...have a great day!
That pocket letter is gorgeous and all that ribbon on the tag!! My fav is the Flamingo playing card!!
Linda said…
True story ~ when I was a newly-wed and money was tight, the apartment looked a little empty. But, there was a half-wall with a planter box along the top, filled with artificial plants. Right in the middle I added my own touch....a pink garden flamingo who was dressed in bling on special occassions. Well needless to say, people either loved it or hated it, but in all the discussion about it I don't think people noticed the bare-look apartment. Love all your "stash" but especially the flamingo. Cheers!
So glad you love it! Thanks for drawing me into the pocket letter trend - such fun!
WW said…
I love seeing these all over. I'd love to make one and find someone to swap with.
Unknown said…
Wonderful your Blog very much....

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