It's beginning to feel like Spring fever

I treated myself to a little thrifting last week -- nowhere near the scale as in days gone by, but still so relaxing, fun and rewarding!  Wanna see what I got?
You know of my love for Vera Neumann.  Even though I'm not a butterfly motif lover, I did love this printed scarf.
One day soon I'm going to get out and photograph my whole collection of Vera!  It's something I'm very much looking forward to featuring on this blog.
 I just had to bring home this wonderful vintage silk handkerchief; it's labeled Cats n' Dogs -- and all of the little faces are different!
Pretty gem-toned blue with white, and rolled, hand sewn edges!
Then, at an antique store later the same day, I found some ephemera.  The enameled numbers were part of old stock used to number telephone poles.
I don't know what I'll do with them, but it will involve a decoration for my front porch, as these are my house numbers!
I thought this little Easter pick was just jolly -- can't you just see it as part of a collage?  Love it.
Back at the thrift store: this necklace was in the jewelry case.  I typically don't take time to look at stuff in the cases, because often there is no one around to help and you need to wait for it to be opened.  But on this particular day, a store clerk asked me if I'd like to see anything.  I was pretty sure this necklace was going to be way over my budget, but I asked to see it anyway.
I was so surprised to learn it was priced at $9.99, and then half-off, so I brought it home for under $5.00.  It's perfect -- and really too pretty to cut up for art so I think I'm just going to have to wear it!
My Valentine roses dried so beautifully; they will always be my favorite flower.  I haven't had my own rosebushes since we lived in California.  There, growing everything was so easy, and we'd inherited several bushes from the previous owners of our home that I enjoyed so much.  In Colorado I've tried just one rosebush, which was a gift, and it hasn't done well at all.  Here's a little bit of inspiring reading on roses for you, via the Victoria Magazine blog.  Makes me want to try my hand at a rose, again.  I've got Spring fever, how about you?


Tamara said…
oh what lovely finds.. such sweet scarves and the necklace was a beautiful find! and yes spring is on it's way. Here in the AZ mountains, our apricot tree is in full bloom! Wishing you a happy weekend.

Tamara <3

Of course I want to see what you found at thrifting.I would have gotten that necklace also.

I have resisted going out today treasure hunting and have worked on my white fabric book. I'm not sure really how to do it but working on it anyway. I have been looking at your pictures to help me
Lorraine said…
Such lovely finds. You do have the gift for finding great things. I hope you enjoy them.
Great finds for sure, especially that necklace! I'd love to see your Vera collection. I know you've shared bits of it from time to time, but I'm sure the collection is stunning!
Marrianna said…
Love the necklace and the photo of the roses. I don't even try to grow roses, however, a good friend is able to get the miniature rose bushes to grow in her yard. They are always planted close to the house and surrounded by other plants for protection. We live at 7,000 feet so growing flowers is a challenge for lots of folks. Maybe it's time for you to give it a try again. Bet you can do it.
Kathy said…
Wow, that necklace was a real score! It is rare to find ones with no missing stones. It would be lovely in a shadow box with one of your lace collages behind it.
Linda said…
Love that bling!!!! My husband says I'm like a raven/crow - I collect and covet shiny things, lol. But hey, it's the truth, what can I say.

Laurie, are you planning on a special project with your collection of Vera scarves - bet they'd make a lovely focal point on a bed sown together perhaps as a sort of 'crazy quilt'.

Up here in British Columbia we're in the REALLY WET season. Time for all things to grow and come up anew.
Just stopped by for the first time from Curtains in my Tree. I love all the sweet treasures you found! May you enjoy! I've not had much luck with roses here in the desert SW either. Cacti yes - roses - not so much! Blessings, Cindy xo
Unknown said…
What a beautiful necklace, lucky find!

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