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Hitting 1000 Sales on Etsy

It took my many years, but I finally reached the milestone of 1,000 sales in my Etsy shop, Indulge Your Shelf .  I've had so much fun with the shop over the years!  In fact, I started this blog specifically as a way to help market the shop!  It felt so good to finally get to 1000! When I first opened the shop, I sold some of my handmade crafts fashioned from antique and vintage materials: pillows, journals, Christmas ornaments, etc. And I've found amazing treasures at thrift shops, garage sales, estate sales, etc. -- and listed them in the shop.  Wonderful things that I didn't need but that I knew someone would love.  And they did!  They went up in my shop and soon they were found by someone who'd been searching for JUST that thing and they would buy it and love it and gush about it!  It makes me so happy! Things that I loved myself but just had no use for -- like the barkcloth fabric draperies above, perfect for a child's room... And sometimes when something caught

I'm back!

 Yesterday we had weather in the 80s before noon. Met my son for breakfast: pancakes on the patio! Drove down the highway listening to old Hall and Oates songs!  (You make my dreams come true...) Went to an antique market outdoors and found some fun trinkets: Hit an outlet center on the way home. Back in town, went to the gym we put our membership on hold at last year at the beginning of the pandemic and got signed back up again.  And all I could think was... I'm back!

Scenic estate sale in the snow

Like much of the rest of the country, we're having a frigid, well-below-zero temperature weekend this weekend -- and into next week.  This morning when the sun was briefly out, we took advantage and ran off to an estate sale we'd seen advertised. To our surprise, it was held at an old home on a country road that we often drove by, and admired.  The inhabitants had named it Hodgen in the Dip.  They often decorated the outside of the house by the sign with whimsical figures for different seasons.  I felt sad to know they were no longer there. They were creative, and the items decorating the outsides of their houses and outhouses gives you an idea of their taste! I was happy to learn that their family would stay in the home; and enjoyed looking through the jumble of oddities that were for sale there! It was the last day of the sale, and I had missed out on much of the good stuff, but I couldn't leave behind this sled, even though it was missing Santa and the reindeer had lost

Crafting inspiration on the cheap: thrift store finds

As I carefully venture for short, safe trips into a thrift shop or two, I have re-discovered the way they are great resources for trying out some new crafts!  For example, for the past couple of years I've been wanting to try that long-ago art of macrame, as it's coming back into style.  I used to have fun with it in the 1970's!  I purchased this little hanging just for inspiration: Although I probably wouldn't do a square frame, I like how the crafter tied the knots simply to make a design, and then of course hung the different fibers from the bottom.  I have had a really hard time finding the correct kind of cording to use for macrame--even online.  Finally, yesterday at a thrift shop, I came across this huge spool of red cord! I think it will be great for Christmas macrame, don't you?  I'm excited. Then, something I've always wanted to try is needle felting.  Not wanting to begin collecting a lot of supplies, though, I never took the plunge but then last

Frigid January blues

When you live in a cold climate, January can really be tough.  Even though we get a lot of sunshine in Colorado, it's still frosty, and that chill can travel right down to your bones.  We stay indoors alot during a normal January, but this year it's that much worse because we've been doing it for so many months now. This photo came up in my memories, from when Ben was a toddler.  We'd been given a hand-me-down snowsuit and I couldn't wait to use it, so on one cold California day I dressed him up in it!  We were so innocent of real extreme weather conditions in those days!  The photo is over 20 years old, but I remember that day so well, and I can still feel the weight of Benjamin in my arms. Art Garfunkel My cats are in winter mode.  If you love a cat of your own, or ever have, I don't have to tell you how much they enjoy a sunny window... Hey Jude or a sharing your blanket on a winter night!  Both of them have grown in their winter coats and are spending most o