Leaves and Lace

I'm excited to tell you about changes to my handmade Etsy shop!  As many of you who are also Etsy sellers know, we were recently given the opportunity to change our shop names.  My handmade shop was called Twice Shy Re-stored, a name which I found clever and suitable a couple of years ago -- but not anymore.  So, I took advantage and gave my shop a name I like much better: Leaves and Lace!

my new shop banner
my new shop avatar
Since, as you know, it's been looking like this around here...
I've taken advantage of cosy-at-home time these last couple of days
to work on some new ephemera journals for my "new" shop!
You may recognize part of the covers of these two journals;
they were collages that I made for Mary Green's 
monthly collage challenges the last couple of months.
I mounted them onto book covers and I just love them!
I'm also very pleased with how these two came out --
especially the one on the left, which is the very first
ephemera journal I've ever made for a man!
Something different in these four journals is
the use of Braille pages for interest.
Each of these also has either a letter from a little girl to her father,
or one from a wife to the husband (same family.)
The family was experiencing a separation in 1918 due to the war.
I love them all, but this might be my favorite,
as I used text from Pride and Prejudice on the cover!

If you want to see more, all the pages of all the journals
are shown in the listings, in my freshly-named shop!


I love the new name, banner and avatar! Glad you're finding inspiration and time for creating. Snow? Brrrr!
Lisa said…
Cute, cute, cute! Hope you are staying warm...
Dee in N.H. said…
LOVE the new name! Beautiful journals!
Dee in N.H. said…
P.S. Hope you keep that snow! I'm so not ready for all that! LOL!
Angela said…
Love the new journals! I treasure my journal - have it standing up here on the top of my desk, so I can see it every day.
Great name change, too! :o)
Laurie said…
Dee, if you're reading this, can you send me your email address? (I always want to respond to your comments but there's no address in your Blogger profile!) :)
JoAnne said…
Hi Laurie,
I love your new etsy identity! I'm sharing your box from the curiosities swap on my blog today.
Unknown said…
I love the new name and those journals are so sweet.....What a great use of your collages....
Suz said…
Those journals are just fabulous! I saw the note about changing your Etsy site name but I didn't have any idea what to change it, too. You came up with a great one!

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