The shop: to open, or not to open?

You all know I recently left my job at  The new job is very different but I think I'm adjusting well.  The surroundings are lovely, and peaceful.
Here's the view from my new office's parking lot
The commute is better/easier; and, the job itself,  in some ways, affords me so much more freedom than my last job -- particularly because I'm working non-traditional hours.

Various iterations of my shop logo over the years...
I was not allowed to have my vintage shop open while I was on staff at, so I have been looking forward to starting to sell again. 
At least I think I have.
Either that, or working at a job where I was listing 35-40 items (vintage and decidedly not) a day, 5 days a week, for 15 months, has cured me forever.
To be honest -- so far, I haven't been able to bring myself to get working on opening my shop again.
So, I thought I might find inspiration in having something new and exciting to sell.  I took myself to a couple of estate sales and thrift shops the other day.
 Grab bags are always fun...this one I wanted most especially for the bird brooch in the center.
But it came with all sorts of other great little bits!
The bird brooch will be perfect in a bird-themed creation -- which is something I always seem to be making.
 It is covered in glass and has a good, deep crack over its face.  But I love it anyway.
At the same sale, I bought this lovely hand-carved bird on a branch for myself.
It's yellow, and sits on a branch at the bottom -- do you see it?  I haven't been able to discover anything about the artist yet.
Look at this photo I found in a quick stop at an antique store.
There is something about the way everyone was posed -- especially the women -- and the differences in their dresses that I thought made it so charming!
 And I've been doing some online shopping, too; this is some vintage wallpaper I bought from my friend Linda -- crafty scraps in Christmas red and green!
She always sends along a freebie -- this time it was tags!
 At a thrift store on 1/2 price day I found this mid-century bowl set, two tiers, with a teak wood and metal stand...
 and this little red art glass creamer/pitcher, which is just exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.  These are things I could get excited about offering in my shop.
 Some fabric that is kind of one part bark cloth, one part silk.
 I just loved the colors.
 I also grabbed this monogram transfer set...

I love using these kinds of pages in collages.
Also: I think they would make lovely paper roses!
 At another estate sale I found some more packages of those...I love the one that advertises it has, "dainty, feminine motifs"!
 And some vintage sewing pincushions in wood and fabric; after I set up my own vintage display, I decided I would love to put together some sets of vintage notions to sell in my shop.
If I reopen it.
 The little stitched hot pad was irresistible -- as well as the pillowcase just waiting to be embroidered.
 I don't often see Easter ephemera so I had to grab this little glittered egg -- it was hand made.
 And a little bit more kitschy Christmas items -- all 25 cents apiece.
 A grab bag of Christmas stickers/seals/stamps...
Because I needed more.
Because, after doing the swap with Terri, I'm very much in Christmas crafting mode!
And I would love to make some Christmas ephemera kits to sell, too.
If I decide to re-open my shop, you will be among the first to know!
Today is Tuesday -- but it's really my Saturday, as I'm off work for 2 days.
Let's see how much I can get accomplished, mid week, as I settle into these new hours and this strange new schedule!
Hey, I decided to link this up with Betsy's Vintage Inspiration Link Party!


Pallas said…
Laurie, I also love that bird pin - a Swallow I believe. Looks like you have some great new treasures to reopen your shop. I am trying to remember the name for that fabric - I can hear my mother saying it, but I think it is somewhere in my brain's cobwebs. If I can remember it, I'll let you know.

Hope you will enjoy your new job - the mountain view is fabulous.
andrea creates said… have found some fun the bird pin too : )
Sami said…
Good luck with the new job, the views from your office are beautiful!
I love that red glass pitcher and the bird brooch is very pretty too.
WW said…
I love grab bags too, I think it's more fun to buy those, you never know exactly what you're gonna get. I love the mummy/sarcophagus that looks like it really doesn't belong.

So glad you can be yourself again and list vintage items to sell for yourself

Have I missed any buttons exchanges ?

I like all your latest finds especially the monogram transfer sheets
It sounds like you're leaning towards opening your shop. I hope so because you've sure been finding some great treasures to sell. I love the bark cloth, the old photo, and the pretty bits and pieces of jewelry. Thanks for sharing everything over at Vintage Inspiration Party.
Anonymous said…
You have a unique eye for great finds. I am sure you would have a wonderful shop should you decide to sell. That bird brooch is lovely!
Lani Robertson said…
Awesome goodies!! I really love the bark cloth! :)

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