Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all my dear friends!
My hope for you is that you are able to spend your holidays doing what you enjoy most with those you love to be with.
A few last Christmas photos -- these are from a craft get-together I had with some friends last week:
 We made some cookie cutter/tart tin ornaments

We also made some little mittens:
I plan to make these into a fabric banner -- something for next year!
 One of the gals who came brought me all these wonderful gifts -- as well as goodies for everyone which included:
 Isn't this Kewpie doll band card amazing?!  It's original and old.

I'm still on my Christmas crafting kick and can't seem to stop; I made this embellishment yesterday...
 and turned some vintage fabrics into the collage below.
  After I photographed it, I embroidered the words Merry and Bright onto the blank spot over the lace on the top. 

A few more glimpses of Christmas decor...
 I hadn't realized I'd amassed so many Christmas bells, so when they kept turning up I piled them together...
 the little vignette makes me happy!
This little snowman is a jigger!  Painted in gold on his hat are the words, A Measure of Cheer.
Which I am hoping for all of you!
We are celebrating Christmas Eve tonight with good friends.
On Christmas day, I work beginning at 12 noon.  A few of the gals and I  plan to be cheery and make the most of the day despite having to work.  Funny hats and tasty treats are part of the plan.
Merry Christmas!


Christina Paul said…
Lovely projects! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration! Happy holidays!
Linda said…
Laurie you are always so enthusiastic and *UP*. It's contagious. Here's wishing you and yours a great Merry Christmas. Cheers.
Patty Antle said…
Nice projects! I love to see what people do with the jello molds. Love your ornaments!
Kathy said…
Oh, I adore the projects!! Sending Christmas hugs and wishing you and your family a bright New Year!
Unknown said…
Laurie, I love all the fabric collages.
Thanks for all the glimpses around your home.
Happy Holidays to you.

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