Beautiful Birdsong projects, part three

Our third Birdsong project was taught by the wonderful Lisa McIlvain, of Tarnished and Tattered fame.
I had never had a chance to meet her before and was most excited about her class, based upon the photos, when I signed up.  We made this incredible little woven "purse" -- although I'm not using mine as a purse but as a wall hanging instead.
Here's the sample Lisa had for us -- it is one she made as a tribute to her mother.  It holds her mother's Bible now.  (The little bird in front is an example of the nametags Karla made for each of us to wear all weekend!  Aren't they the sweetest?!)

There were so many things I loved about this project.  First, it's simple to do and requires no fancy tools -- we wove the purse on a handmade cardboard loom Lisa provided.  In fact, Lisa said it was inspired by Girl Scouts projects she remembers doing!
Another thing I loved was that it uses all these marvelous textures in vintage textiles -- and you know how much I love getting my fingers on vintage textiles!
Then, when we'd finished the little purse, we were able to take it outside and fire up a hot gun tool Lisa brought to alter some of the fabrics by burning it!  I was a little skeptical about this process -- but once I'd done it, I was hooked!  It was so much fun, and so interesting, to see how different textiles reacted to the heat!  I ended up with some wonderful aging on my piece!
We added a handle made from branches and twigs collected on Karla's property.  Here mine is held on with clothespins while the glue dries.
Lisa provided all kinds of wonderful little embellishments to decorate our purses -- I chose this leaf design, a feather, and a little bird brooch.
When I got home, I added a bird nest with eggs that was also provided at Karla's, and it is now hanging on the wall below a piece of art I already had, which was made by Sandy Babb (one of the Birdsong sponsors.)
I LOVE my piece and I cannot wait to have time to weave some more!  What an awesome use for the vintage fabrics I love -- especially those pieces leftover from when I salvage embroidery, lace, etc. from damaged linens for my other projects!
Here are Beth Leintz and Karla getting in on the weaving!
Stephanie Oyler showing me her lovely creation!
Lisa (left) with Cami and Marie: the Texas girls!
Lisa was so much fun to get to know, too.  I hope I run into her often at future events!
I couldn't resist sneaking in this photo me with one of Karla's baby Yorkies (or, as she calls them, "Dorkies")!


LuLu Kellogg said…
I love this little purse! The textures are fabulous!

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Your pouch turned out so good! I used mine to present some silhouettes I made for Mom for Mother's Day so I need to make me another one.

I'm trying to get my first BirdSong post ready...I am running so far behind!
Hope said…
You projects are awesome.....I am still giddy over all the projects and fun that we had. I miss everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
I have GOT to get a heat gun! she has me hooked on those!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a great time! Lynn and I are dying to go!
Suz said…
You did a great job of showing the weekend to me. Your projects are incredible. I loved them all but am really fascinated by the burning with the heat gun on the last one. Your's turned out beautifully and made a beautiful wallhanging. I also love the pictures of you sitting out in the sun and you with the Dorkie! You look like one happy camper!
Thanks for sharing all of these. Just fantastic in every way.

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