Dreaming of a vintage white Christmas

I received my white Christmas swap ATCs the other day; what a beautiful package to get!  It was so lovely the way she wrapped and embellished it.
These were the six I received:
 Kim sent along these beautiful creations to all the swappers:
 Here's a better photo of the one I sent six of; I hope the swappers loved them.
 Visit Kim's blog for photos of all the ATC's that got swapped!
I haven't had too much time for creating, but I did make a point of working on two wreaths just the other night:
The first was a craft store basic evergreen one; first I took off all the stuff that came on it, and then I refurbished it all in sparkling silver.  As you can see, Paul Simon was pretty pushed out of shape that I wouldn't let him help.
The second one was a vintage white wreath I found at a thrift store a while back.  I had been saving it to decorate, and I chose white and red vintage picks to use:
 How much do you love that little ice skater?  She has a wooden head, and her body is made of beads.  I adore her sparkly tinsel skating blades!
This kind of stuff makes me so happy.
I can hardly believe it's Christmas in one week!
We have been having COLD COLD COLD December days and nights -- it kind of does put you in the mood!


Hi Laurie

I am so glad you received one of my first creations for the ATC tag swap.
This was so much fun and all the tags are wonderful,
Of course your is wonderful also as all your art work is.
A friend made me a fresh wreath and surprised me with it by putting it on my front porch then sending ma a text.
It's been very cold below zero and icy here last 3 days

Merry Christmas

Aren't the ATCs all lovely? I still need to post mine. Your wreaths are both wonderful, but that white one gave me a huge smile! Love it! It's well below freezing here, but they say we may have 50s and 60s for Christmas weekend. At this point I'll welcome any warmer weather!
JoAnne said…
That was such a lovely atc swap and your wreaths are wonderful. Merry Christmas Laurie!
I received one of your lovely ATC's, thank you! Kim hosts wonderful swaps and is very generous.

Both of your wreath redo's are beautiful.

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