Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today was our department's holiday luncheon, and I made everyone a tag as a little gift.  It was so much fun to create a stack of tags!
Here they are, just before I put a white seam binding tie on all of them.
And here's a close up.  I love that little girl image!
Because I didn't want the boys to feel left out, I made these tags for them.
Here's one I made at the very end, from leftovers and another really great vintage picture.
I could do this all day, couldn't you?


Linda said...

Do it all day? Yes, yes I could, but they wouldn't be quite as imaginative as yours I'm afraid. Good Job, Well Done.

The Junque Seeker said...

I'm a bit envious. I haven't made a thing this year outside of classes, so here I sit with my vintage Christmas stash going unused. Maybe I'll craft Christmas for the New Year. Your wonderful tags are certainly an inspiration!

Pallas said...

Laurie, your tags are beautiful and I'm sure everyone will love them.

Marrianna said...

These are beautiful. I'm betting they were well received. Good for you getting your creative hat on. Thank you for taking the photos and sharing on your blog. Very inspiring.

Merry Christmas,

Curtains in My Tree said...

They are so crafty and elegant
I like all the elements you used
and my favorite is the music paper background
I just love creating those also
Yours are always so special

Merry Christmas ' Janice

Kathy said...

What a thoughtful gift and fun for you, to boot! I made ornaments for my department a few years ago and got the nicest text from a co-worker the other night when she was hanging it on her tree. Having fun and making memories, oh my!

Lisa said...

Oh, Laurie~ such beautiful tags! I'm sure everyone loved them! It makes me miss our old swaps. I don't think I participated in a single one in 2015. I've been out of the loop for about a year now, and it's time to change that!