Goodbye, 2015!

It's the last day of 2015 -- seems impossible to me, but I'm grateful for another fresh start!  We have had cold cold cold cold cold weather this week; today it snowed all day, although very little accumulated.
Can you see the snow falling?
One of my Christmas gifts was an amaryllis, which has bloomed just in time for the new year.  Isn't it gorgeous?
We haven't been doing much of anything since Christmas; mostly staying warm indoors, and a lot of television, and movie, watching!
It makes me so happy to see my son relaxing on the sofa; he's home for another week then it's back to school -- and I already miss him!
My latest project: I'm FINALLY altering that globe I bought at the thrift store about 2-1/2 (or maybe even 3) years ago!  I started with dictionary pages, as you can see.  Since this photo, I've added layers of other papers.  I'll show you as soon as it's done; I've worked on it for a little while each evening this week, and it's almost finished.
We are having a quiet New Year's Eve, how about you?
Wherever you are, stay safe, and enjoy the countdown to midnight!


My college boy did not come home for the winter break this year. :( He's in sunny CA away from the cold and snow. :) Sending warm wishes and blessings to you and yours for the new year.
Kathy said…
It sounds like you have been enjoying a perfect week after Christmas. I am looking forward to a fresh new year.
Happy New Year to you and your dear family!
Linda said…
Happy, Joyous and Prosperous New Year to you and your family. Ours was a quiet one also, low-keyed ~ but enjoyable. Looking forward to all kinds of good ideas.
Cheers, Linda
Beth Leintz said…
Happy New Year Laurie- can't wait to see that globe! Best in 2016! you're the reason I can no longer find globes at the thrift stores..haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours; celebrate in good health and happiness.

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