The Joy of Thrifting

I'm getting even more joy (if that were possible) out of sharing my thrifty finds with you at the beginning of each week -- something about sticking to a schedule, and then there's the meeting of new friends who join in at the all the linky parties I've been finding!  Here are a few things that I bought the other day at an Estate Sale:
The most interesting small linen squares -- larger than a coaster, smaller than a napkin -- that someone had hand embroidered in different, coordinating patterns.

 Almost like quilt squares!

 I love them!
 Then, these two boxes of vintage greeting cards!

 One of those variety packs!

 Or I should say, two of them!

 Here is something that's not real vintage -- not sure just how old it is, but how much fun!

Each block has a different word on each side, for many prose-making possibilities!
But best of all, I think, was this handmade button bag!

 See how the little faces are buttons?  Some are missing.

 Cute little kitty!  That sold me on it for sure!

 And don't get me started on the buttons!

Lots of fun!  Who can resist an estate sale?  Tomorrow I'll show you some of the stuff I've been listing for sale in my shop!

I'm joining in the fun at these stops:

Click on the links to see more thrifty finds!


Pretty Things said…
You always find the best things!

BTW, email me your address -- I found a COOL children's book for you! And be sure to tell me that's what it's about because I have a migraine that's threatening to kill me so I may forget what I said!
Sherrie said…
I am drooling, actually slobering, if that is the right spelling. I would have just been happy with the bag alone, but it had buttons. I would have been in heaven. Good for you.
sylviesgarden said…
Crikey! So many great finds.
Anonymous said…
What is our fascination with buttons? So useful yet ordinary, utilitarian, but fascinating all the same. Fun finds for you.
Alyssa said…
I love the linens and the cards, which remind me of some my mom had while I was growing up. But that button bag and its treasures are my favorites. Wonderful stitching on the bag; that would have won my heart for sure.
Love all your cool finds but the button bag and buttons oh my goodness. I would have jumped for joy (not easy at my age).
JeTaimeVintage said…
That really is the cutest little bag ever! What a find-do have a button obsession though! I love all your other treasures too-the chickens on the greeting cards are the best-congrats on such good finds!
JeTaimeVintage said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanessa said…
The cards and buttons are so cute!
Angela Catirina said…
OMG! THOSE CARDS!!!! I recognize those EXACT cards! My mom had the boxes (1960's) of them and she had matching address books (remember those?) - she carried them with her everywhere we moved. I think she thought they were too cute to send.
They totally were! What adorable memories!!!

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