Out of denial

With weather in the 80's almost daily, I've been able to stay in denial about summer's end.  But the leaves are dropping from my Aspens, my Maple is ablaze, and all of my flowers are in various stages of browning.  So, yesterday I accepted it: Fall is here.

So, I broke out the fall decor.

Those are wall hangings that I don't have space to hang, so I made them into a table runner of sorts.

I don't like Halloween decor, so I stick to the Autumn theme of leaves, pumpkins, harvest.

I was so pleasantly surprised to pull out that Autumn banner I'd made last year -- I can't believe that I had forgotten about it!

Nothing really overboard -- just a few colorful touches here...

and there.  Above, my favorite photo of Dennis and Ben, with some cookie cutters adding Fall flair.

A colorful table topper and some fall-colored potpourri in a Frankoma leaf dish.
A pumpkin tree; now, of course, this doesn't occur anywhere in nature.  But isn't it pretty?!

Besides that, I've been busy with finishing up my Silver Bella swaps.  The one I'm working on now is a Blingy Bra -- a Bellafied version of the breast cancer awareness art bra.  I have a swap partner to design it for, but it's still to be my own artistic creation.

This is a photo of the bra in its planning stages.  I can't reveal much more than that, but I promise I'll show you photos when the swap is over!  At this point, I have the bra "base" covered and need to just work on the embellishing.  It's so much more difficult to create for someone than to just do it yourself, I've found.  I'll be happy when it's finished!

Right now I'm off to meet a fellow Colorado gal who's going to Silver Bella, too -- we're going to have coffee and talk about our swap projects.  What are you up to today?


Marion said…
What beautiful Autumn decorating! I really like the banner. I'm reading the same book you're reading by Jennifer Weiner. I love her stories. Blessings!
barb cabot said…
you're inspiring me to get out the Fall decorations. Definitely not feeling like summer in SoCal today. I guess it is time to greet the new season. Thanks for the inspiration.
Christine said…
Your home looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to see your altered bra! Such a great exchange for October--Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Alyssa said…
Your fall decorations are lovely, and you made my day with the teacup and saucer display. I've just begun my own collection, so I've been wondering how to display them. Mind if I ask, is the case made for that or did you repurpose it?
Angela Catirina said…
That Autumn Tree is absolutely beautiful! Funny, I saw one shopping the other day but it was a *made in China* mache pumpkin with a sparkley black tree coming out of the top. I instantly thought, WOW! China really needs to study our holidays better. Yours though!!....what a gorgeous fall piece.

I'm also inspired by your banner. I'm thinking I could do something like that for Halloween - even if it is a little late. hmmmm.......

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