My new loves

Yesterday we had our Colorado State Button Society Fall Workshop in Denver.  We learned about revisions in the National Button Society's Blue Book, used to classify buttons.  We also learned about the different classifications under "patterned" buttons, which I found fascinating.  After our general meeting and lunch, we had a chance to buy buttons and supplies!

I finally broke down and bought a Linley measure (above); this is the approved NBS measure for buttons.  Then I just had some fun buying inexpensive buttons, as I didn't "need" anything special this time:

Are you noticing a theme here?

The ones on the bottom are blown glass; the blue one with the claw foot is also glass!

I love the mother of pearl buttons, as you know; the one with the green paste in the middle is fun, and I am especially fond of pearl with metal, like the griffon and the one at the far right.  The one at far left is my very first enamel button!

Button fun!

Gummi bear anyone?

This one reminded me of pistachios; the green stuff is set into something that looks like a tiny basket woven of some natural substance.  Hm.  Maybe I was hungry when I shopped?

These button cards were about 30 cents each, so I couldn't resist.

I also couldn't resist answering the Society's call for a new Publicity volunteer.  As I've just lately resigned from all of my responsibilities with Ben's Boy Scout Troop, I was feeling free and up to the challenge!


barb cabot said…
So fascinating. I love old buttons. My mom used to collect them and make bracelets. I esp. love pretty jeweled buttons but his is such an interesting post and I will love to see how you use them. Have a wonderful day.
Linda Sue said…
From boy scouts to Buttons full time- yes- fair trade! Buttons win every time!
dust is settling I will get you not so great pkg off to you this week, promise!
Christine said…
Love your new buttons!!! So many fun ones! I'm sure your really enjoy your new position with them. It's always nice to get a little more involved with something that you love so much!
andrea creates said…
love the doggie and gummi bear-the pistachio one looks like it's set in an acorn top!
great finds :)
Charlene said…
I have a jar full of old buttons that were my grandmother's--they range from vintage 50's & 60's buttons to odd ones cut off of my grandfather's shirts before they were discarded. Love seeing yours, they are so pretty!
Charlene said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela said…
Fun buttons! The variety is amazing!
Lydia said…
Great fun buttons! Cool measuring device for the buttons. Never knew such a thing existed.

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