Etsy Street Team Blogger of the Month

This month my wonderful Etsy Blogger Street Team featured blogger is Splendid Little Stars.   Margaret blogs about photography, art, making things, nature, gardening, and food" - the things, she say, she love!  She has two Etsy shops (just like me!)

In Splendid Little Stars Margaret sells things for little people, and silk scarves.  Here's a pretty little hat from her shop:

Here's a lovely pair of earrings from her other Etsy shop, SparklyPark:

Isn't she talented?  I just love to meet new bloggers via the Etsy Street Team!


Micki said…
It's so nice that you are supporting each other.
Hi Laurie, I have looked over your wonderful fall photos and treasures and just caught up on your blog. I am having another giveaway, for the "holidays" coming up. Come say hi and check it out.

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