Happy Saturday, and I've been tagged

Well, this hasn't happened in a long time: I was tagged by Linda of Pruitt Handcrafts, who is a member of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team, as I am, to answer some fun, getting-to-know you kinds of questions!

1. How did you meet your hubby (partner or boyfriend).
 I met my husband when we both worked for the same company; I worked in the headquarters office in California, and he worked for them as a Field Service Engineer, based out of his hometown of St. Louis, MO.  I used to talk to him on the phone whenever he called in, and then finally one day he came into the home office for some training.  That was almost 21 years ago now!

2. What is your dream for this Christmas/Holiday Season?
I would really like it if my husband could have a new job to look forward to for the new year.  He's been underemployed since we moved to Colorado 8 years ago and it's been hard on him (although he's a real trouper.)

3. What was your favorite pet as a child?
I only really had one pet as a child (besides goldfish and the occasional turtle) -- my dog Butterball, a cockapoo, who was with me for 10 years.

4. What kind of a car do you drive?
I love my car: it's a Honda CRV.  I've actually really liked all the cars I've ever owned, but this CRV is awesome and my favorite.

I'm tagging two fellow Etsy Bloggers, that I've never met: Bev of 44th Street Fabric, and Brittany of BW Silver.  And here are the questions I'm asking them to answer:

1.  How long have been selling on Etsy, and what is your favorite thing about being a part of that community?
2.  How many blogs are on your daily reading list, and how do make time to get to them?
3.  What's your favorite Halloween candy, and do you regret eating it afterward?
4.  How will you celebrate New Year's Eve this year?

I'm looking forward to seeing their answers!

So, how are you spending your Saturday?  I'm blogging, listing some stuff in my Etsy shop and on eBay, too, while watching Rally to Restore Sanity/and or Fear for lots of comic relief and some pretty good music, too!  (My son is a big fan of Stephen Colbert.)

We will be going to a football game later and tailgating with some friends, which is always fun.  Trick-or-treating takes place tomorrow around here.  Are you handing out candy tonight or tomorrow in your neck of the woods?


Linda E. Pruitt said…
Thanks, Laurie, for the answers to my questions. I'm with you about your dream for your hubby. Mine has been unemployed and underemployed for two years. He just got a seasonal position for a big department store--Big DEAL! I wish his talents could really be seen and used!
Christine said…
I love reading answers to these types of questions. It's always fun to get to know our blogging friends better.

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