Cold, crafty days

We’ve had some very chilly weather lately; here’s how Pikes Peak looked, covered with snow, the other morning…

The clouds eventually lifted, though…

and soon we had our typical, lovely (if COLD) fall day, with lots of sun.  I am someone who needs a lot of sunshine…which is why we live where we do!

When it’s cold out, isn’t it so much easier to stay inside and work on your projects?

It’s official: I’ve finished all the swaps and other projects I needed to complete for Silver Bella!  And because I’m not big on spoilers, I’m showing you just a few peeks of how my two altered silver bells turned out:

I also decided that I needed to make a bag for each of the gals participating in my swap so they’d have something to carry their bells away in…


I was real happy with them!  Now, all that’s left is packing for the trip, and I still have two weeks to do that.  Can you tell I’m getting excited?

Christine encouraged me to try Windows Live Writer for my blog posts, and this post is my first try with it. So far, so good!  It does seem easier than using the Blogger Dashboard!

Speaking of writing, I’ve pretty much decided I don’t have the heart to try to do National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) again this year; I’ve done it many, many years in the past but I've run out of steam this time.  I’m not sure how to feel about a November without NaNo!


Angela said…
I was just thinking that yesterday felt more like winter than fall. It was dreary and windy - all the leaves are off the trees in our yard now. Just looked COLD!
Love the view you have, how lucky you are!
Can't wait to see full pics of those projects! Silly me, I didn't realize that "Silver Bella" was for a bell swap... :O) I love bells! (Do we have *everything* in common?!?!)
Alyssa said…
What a gorgeous view! As for NaNo, I've decided to try it one year, but this is so not the year for it. Too much other writing that *must be done* in a short amount of time.
They sure look good from what I can see, love the bling.
I can just about feel your cool, clean, crisp mountain air. I love this time of year, sure feels good to be inside on a cold dreary day just working away.
Thanks for sharing and for visiting.
Christine said…
Beautiful photos!!! I can't wait to hear about Silver Bella. You are going to have so much fun!!!

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