Updates on all the fun!

So, my son is now on his 2 week Fall Break.  We decided not to travel due to his having been very ill in August upon his return from Jamboree.  We plan to paint our family room next week and are just hanging out this week!  It's been lovely.  And, since Fall fell with a vengeance and we have had weather in the 50's and 60's, it has been cozy, too!

You may recall we've been doing Wreck This Journal together; well, he's still way ahead of me!  Here he is having done the page where the prompt was (something like) "attach the journal to a part of your body"!

We visited the puppies yesterday.

There's really only one left -- the one with the big ears is spoken for.  If you're interested in Dot, here's a link to her puppy page!

 I love them to pieces...

and will be so sad to see them go!

Isn't it amazing what you put up with from little ones?  Ouch!

I'm down to just one pre-Silver Bella project -- I even found a hat at a craft fair this past weekend that is just right for the Silver Bella fete!  Plans are in the works for a Colorado Silver Bella Gals get together next week!  I've already met one who lives nearby but can hardly wait to meet the other two!
Silver Bella's barely a month away now.  I've decided to fly and bought my airline ticket the other day.  To pay for it, I've been busily listing stuff in my vintage Etsy shop; here are a few fun things I don't think I've shown you before:

Speaking of big ears!  Vintage Scottish Terrier

Vintage Burma Shave Ad Glass!  How fun is this?

I also lowered some prices in the shop, and listed some sewing boxes and tins full of vintage notions at a bargain price!  And I'm even selling a couple of things on eBay!  Yep, I'm a busy little bee.


barb cabot said…
Laurie, your son is so cute and he's growing up so quickly. Glad you are having a nice fall break. Enjoy your days together.
barb cabot said…
Laurie, your son is so cute and he's growing up so quickly. Glad you are having a nice fall break. Enjoy your days together.
Alyssa said…
Just look at the ears on those pups! They're so sweet. The Burma shave glass is a hoot with all the funny rhymes.
Enjoy your fall break! Love your cute Vintage Scottish Terrier! Hope you get some good sales on Etsy!
Micki said…
I love that jewelry box, but that Scottish terrier is adorable!
Angela Catirina said…
What adorable puppies! I remember Courtney Cox saying, after her daughter Coco was born, that she looked at her puppies and said, "OH! You guys were never any trouble at all!"...LOL What fun!

I really love the Burma shave glass. I remember my mom having a friend who lived out in the country. She had those Burma Shave signs all the way up her drive way. They're still fun!
Angela said…
I can hardly wait until the kids get their Journals for Christmas! It will be really fun to see how they differ, each one... :o)
Unknown said…
how can you not love those big ears....puppies are just the cutest things ever....
Lydia said…
I'm so jealous about Silver Bella. I shall have to live vicariously through your post Silver Bella posts! haha

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