January 19?!

How did it get to be the 19th of January?! I am flabbergasted. This month is flying by like nobody's business.

Meanwhile, I am getting a few of those pesky tasks that have been on my To Do list forever done. But, instead of being then finished with the task, they seem to breed other, new tasks.

For example, one task was "Take Ben for orthodontics consultation", which resulted in several news tasks, such as "Have serious discussion with Dennis about whether or not we should get braces for Ben" and "Make appointment for a second orthodontics opinion"...etc. You see what I mean?

Anyway, I managed to piece four quilt blocks to make a new crazy quilt pillow the other night.

This gives me an enjoyable project for those evenings around the TV -- hand embroidering the fancy stitches and decorations.

Another project that I can never seem to get a handle on is keeping my office/creative space organized. I'm planning to accomplish that before the end of this month. I did just hang an "idea" board in the room:

Remember this? I blogged about it when I made it for my bedroom. Well, it wasn't working in the bedroom, so yesterday I painted it pink to match my office, and hung it there. I think it's an improvement!

This morning I was feeling kind of claustrophobic at home, so I decided to go to an antique store I'd heard about but never visited. It was a bust. It was one of those places that mixes antique furniture with new stuff that looks old -- expensive candles, prints in pretty frame, and a bunch of other stuff that is made in China. Not my cup of tea.

Disappointed, I had to try to cheer myself up by stopping by the thrift store on the way home.

(I just had to snap a photo of Pikes Peak sparkling in the sun! Isn't this the prettiest thrift store ever?)

Unfortunately, I didn't find much of anything at the thrift store, either. I guess it just wasn't meant to be today.

Don't forget: less than week before the OWOH giveaway begins! You don't need to make a project, but can offer anything (gift cards, books, supplies, etc.) you want to contestants!


Malisa said…
LOVE your idea board! Think I might have to copy your marvelous idea! Thanks!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
I like your idea board too! I just wish I had a place to put one like it!!!! Anyway, I seem to be your etsybloggers swapmate! Yay! I don't know you but I looking forward to getting to know you! I'm following!
Love the crazy quilt project and your idea board is GREAT! As far as the antique store that mixes treasures with new undesirable goods, these are definitely a "bust" for me too. That mix just seems to take the excitement out of the adventure for me.

I'm so looking forward to OWOH! It's going to be so much Fun!
Micki said…
I love the idea board...How wonderful! I wouldn't have the room for it, but it is great!
Angela said…
I love your idea board! We have a chalk board in the kitchen, but your board is so much cuter! And I really like the patchworks you made. Are you like me, where you just cant sit and watch tv, you have to do some stitching or something too?
Pretty Things said…
Oh I WAAAANT that idea board!
Gina said…
I love this. I call it an inspiration board but same thing. I like the color better too even though I generally like natural wood, color seems to make this really pop. Is that chicken wire? It's a great idea! Mine is simply a fabric and ribbon covered bulletin board. It's pretty and I like it but I kind of like that wire idea too.

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