Out on a Limb, Here

I've always enjoyed learning the origins of words and phrases, and I learned one in a big way this holiday season: sick as a dog. When you have a carpet and two dogs weighing 120 lbs. between them, and they get violently ill...well, I defy you to find a more standard-setting sickness. For the dog and the owner. I may need new carpeting after two (2) doggie illnesses in two weeks, and that is getting me down. But I haven't given up yet. Today, despite the horrendous ongoing vet bill, I went out on a limb and purchased one of these. I haven't tried it yet, but I sure hope it helps!

I detest making new year's resolutions, because I hate failure. And, I tend to be very hard on myself.

But, so many of you have made so many very nice, sensible resolutions that you published on your blogs, that seemed intelligent and well-thought, that I was inspired to keep on going out on that limb and come up with a few myself:

This year I plan to:
  • Re-join a local writing group for networking purposes; there are three good ones to choose from in this region -- I just need to pick one!
  • Have a short story published
  • Find agent representation
  • Edit and market my November novel
  • Learn to do Kanzashi
  • Learn silk ribbon embroidery basics and incorporate into my crazy quilt projects
  • Improve my machine sewing skills (i.e., win the battle of the bobbin)
  • Finish scanning my family-of-origin photos
  • Get a job
  • Improve Etsy sales by 100%; that is, sell twice as much as in 2009
I'm looking forward to the challenges. Or, I will be soon, once my house is restored to normalcy!

I'm off to try that spot bot now...


Malisa said…
Those are awesome goals! I am in the process of doing the same thing right now. My goals are in my head but it is so necessary to write them down...to make them concrete! Thanks for the inspiration!
Sounds like you've really thought out those goals Laurie. I hope your dogs are better soon!
Unknown said…
happy new year Laurie! You are entered in my giveaway....the bissel little green's work great....on furniture too....it is worth every penny...good luck with the rugs.....
Pretty Things said…
Oh poor doggies! And poor doggie mommy!
Spotted Sparrow said…
Awesome resolutions! You can always reevaluate them every 3-4 months and adjust them as needed. That way it's not failure, but smart planning!
Christine said…
Oh, I don't know who I feel worse for, the dogs or you. My last dog got sick very easily and I hated hearing that dreaded sound in the night!

I think you came up with good practial resolutions that are attainable. I'm not doing resolutions this year but I'm choosing a theme word. I've chosen it but haven't decided yet how to display it on my blog.

Lydia said…
My recommendation- skip the Little Green, and get a rug shampooer if you can. My niece and nephew gave us one last year, and OMG how great it is especially after kitty food upchucks. Sorry- not trying to gross anyone out. But the machine is great!

I have a little Green, but it is far to little for the animal kingdom in this house. I am sorry for your vet bills- it is no fun- this I know.

:) Lydia

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