A Daughter Remembers

If my mother hadn't passed away at 69, she would be turning 75 years old today.

That's me, modeling my "stick up hair", with Mom ca. 1965.

Fittingly, I think, I'm going to be spending her birthday continuing work on the family album I'm making with all the photos I've inherited, at a monthly Crop. I've scanned up to 1971 now, so am working on the early years of my parent's marriage, and my young childhood.


Angela said…
Happy Birthday to your dear Mother! I know exactly how you are feeling today. Enjoy working on your family album! :o)
Spotted Sparrow said…
Happy birthday to your mom. I see where you get your great smile. :)
Devonay said…
Love the picture. And my thoughts are with you. The years go by and I miss my Mom even more. You've inspired me to start working on a family albumn too.
Christine said…
Beautiful picture. I love that hair!!!

Jamie said…
What a wonderful photo! She has that "Proud Momma" smile showing you off:) I love the way you are spending the day. Love, Jamie
Great photo Laurie. Thanks for sharing it. Love your mom's glasses, dress and smile.
I remember well that you mentioned our Mum's passed away around the same time and that their birthdays were similar too, though my Mum was a little younger. Hope the day wasn't too hard for you.

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