Sunday, August 7, 2016

Meet Paul Simon

I love all you guys, seriously.  I couldn't wait any longer to introduce you to our new kitten, Paul Simon!  We got him about a month ago, and we had a very hard time deciding on his name!  Ultimately, he was named after the singer.  (Long story.)
I am in love.  He was so teeny tiny when we got him!  He just keeps eating and growing, though!
Paul Simon and my son have become very attached to one another.
Paul Simon and Snoopy, not so much.
But -- they are getting there!
He started out quite shy and timid, but has quickly taken over settled in!
I love his mixture of spots and stripes -- especially on his little tummy!
The more he sleeps -- the bigger he grows!
But as of now, he's still smaller than one of my son's sandals!
I have needed this cat for a long time now.
He is so much fun!
He makes me laugh!  And he's more than a little mischievous!
Who, me?


The Junque Seeker said...

Such a handsome little guy, and I can just imagine the laughs he's giving you! I'm sure he and Snoopy will be buds in no time.

Janet Ghio said...

so adorable!!

Marrianna said...

Okay, now I see an iPad or another tablet in your future and Paul Simon's future. Apparently there is a game you can get for a tablet that will drive a kitty bonkers just trying to catch the mouse/thingy. I read about it several years ago on a blog from a woman in the Silicon Valley who apparently works for Apple. It sounded like fun. My former employers have a large dog from the Navajo Reservation (we call them rez rescue dogs, and a cat that looks similar to Pau Simon. The cat loves to tease and play with the dog all the time. They have a blast. I don't know who came first, the cat or the dog. They are fun to watch. Another fun game for the cat was playing with a laser pointer on the floor and the cat would keep trying to catch it. Maybe a laser pointer is cheaper than a tablet.
You look so happy with Paul Simon. Your son looks very pleased to have another guy in the house.
Hugs to all,

Linda said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! Well hello Paul Simon - so nice to make your acquaintance. Good eye with the markings...quite unique. I'm sure he'll keep everyone entertained as kitties are wont to do.
Cheers, Linda.

Kathy said...

So adorable!! I would adore having a little kitty to love. Many reasons why I don't but so happy for you.

Pallas said...

He is so cute now, and will be a beautiful adult cat. Looking forward to more posts about Paul Simon. My Lily was a combo of stripes and spots, and when I took her to the vet to be spayed he shaved her tummy. The spots were in her skin. I never knew that.