Birthdays and other special occasions

I couldn't believe that I found a fish image that inspired me for Tag Tuesday!  In this case, Un poisson d'Avril.  Isn't she adorable?  You can read about it over at Tag Tuesday!
Today's my buddy Rebecca's birthday and I'm surprising her with a piece of architectural salvage I found at a friend's sale downtown yesterday; I added a very simple burlap tag I made in place of a birthday card.  I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing, but it's quite a bit taller than I am.  I can't wait to see what she does with it!
Tomorrow we're remembering the 11th birthday of the child we sponsor through Compassion International; he lives in Peru and is getting so big!  Little boys have a way of doing that.
Of course, this birthday made me very happy this week as well.  The emotion I felt was unexpected, but they are young and their lives as a family of 3 are just beginning; it brought back many, many happy memories of when Dennis and I were in their place 16 summers ago.  What an amazing journey.
A highlight of the work week was when this painting I listed surprised us all by selling for $2,800!  I knew it was special, just not how special.  That was fun!
Here's another item I had fun listing: a silk hand-painted tiny hankie.  It won't sell for $2800 -- but isn't is just the sweetest?
Also, this lovely cowbell.  Because (say it with me), you need more cowbell!  No one has bid on it yet and it's fabulous.  It's items like this that are testing my will to only buy one thing for myself per pay period!


JoJo said…
All great stuff. If I had the room I'd buy some of it too!
Kathy said…
I fish with a bow on it. I can't even get over that one even existed so you could find it. Who knew!
I'm in love with that architectural piece even though I only see part of it. What a thoughtful gift!! How exciting to get so much for that painting, don't you wish it had been yours?
Abby / Linda said…
One thing a pay period!!! That's a lot of will power!
Kelli Davidson said…
What a great post! I loved all your pix and comment - but most of all I'm proud of you for getting so much money for a little painting!!
Maggie said…
Hi Laurie--what a fun post! And what a great gift you got for your friend--I bet she loved it. How exciting that the painting sold for so much. Wow.

Love your fish tag; definitely learned something new when I read your Tag Tuesday post. And guess what? I just joined that group! After seeing all the tags you've been creating, I wanted to join in the fun. See you over there :-)
Unknown said…
Definitely MORE cowbell! HAHAHAHA! Glad your job is going well...I'm sending you an it when you have time busy lady. Just wanted to ask your opinion, but nothing major. Have a great day and love the fish tag - I would have struggled with that too!
Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie, what a fun post. I love the burlap tag idea. It is so beautiful. How absolutely lovely that you sponsor a child. He is adorable. Congratulations on your sale! Wow! Warmest hugs to you always, my friend. Mina
autena said…
When I was a kid, we'd go to (professional)basketball games and ring a cowbell! That made more of an impression on me than the games!

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