Happy Valentine's Day!

 This one went out to Claudia, to thank her for the cards she sent me
 I made this one for our neighbors, who took us for a dinner out
 The rest...just because

 On this one, "dance", I just kept going and going...it's probably overdone!
My temporary job should get very exciting this week, as we have the first of the bi-monthly events that are important to the job.  I hope it goes well!  Up until now, they've had me fill time by entering a hand-written index into a database.
It's mostly tedious, but every once in a while I come across something really interesting among the facts that makes my imagination go wild!
 Dennis and I celebrated Valentine's Day early, and locally, with dinner out at Blue Star...
and then a night at the theater.  We saw Enchanted April -- and I took this photo of the stage before the play started, and before I knew we weren't supposed to take any photos!  Shh, don't tell!
And here's a photo of my sweet kittens -- can you spot them both?  I hope you have a lovely "hearts and flowers" day, as I like to call it, and enjoy your week!


Marrianna said…
Oh, Laurie, you create the best handmade cards I've ever soon. I always love seeing them on your blog. I have heart postcards that I can mail for Valentines Day but they will be late. I'll put one on my new blog: www.marriannadougherty.com. Stop by and check out the simplicity of the new blog powered by Squarespace. I'm still learning how to use the new platform but I'm not real worried about it. My big project is a photo book.

You're still a temp employee? I thought for sure you would get the full-time gig. I'm glad something fun is coming up.

Happy Valentines Day from one artist to another.
Claudia said…
Oh my, I received the cutest valentine from you today. I love it! Thank you so much for making one for me. They are all cute and I love your creativity.

Hope your temp job turns into something good for you.

Your dinner out and the theater sound like the perfect valentine date. We also had an early valentine dinner out.

I see both your kittens. As a quilter I love the fact that you have a quilt hanging on your wall.

Thank you so much dear blogging friend,
Happy Valentine's Day!
Pallas said…
Your cards turned out beautiful, and your kitties are cute.

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