Countdown to Birdsong 3

Can you believe April's almost over?  I'm getting very excited about Karla's event, Birdsong 3 coming up the second weekend in June.
The month of  May/end of my son's school year is always hectic, and this year he will be going off to work all summer as a camp counselor on the day after his 16th birthday...just a few days before I leave for KS for Birdsong 3.
Ben and I, last year
I can promise you I will be ready for some girl fun/creating/road tripping to Karla's at that point.  In fact, I already am.
Well -- not literally ready, yet.  I did finish and ship off my Birdsong 3 sponsor packages to Karla (above)...
and I did finish up my tag swap, hostessed by Stephanie (who I get to see again -- yay!)  That is a photo, above, of the reverse of the tag -- I don't want to spoil the surprise and show you the front.  That little pocket holds a mini Moo card identifying me as the maker of the tag.  All I'll say is that the front of the tag involved stitching on paper, and many, many layers of fouf that were very time consuming -- just to make 7 tags.  I hope they'll do!
I've also been busy sourcing vintage bird pins for a swap hostessed by Mercedes; her swap involves creating a fabric rosette and accenting it with a bird brooch, then presenting it in special wrapping.  I've never made a rosette before so this is a challenge!  The pin above is one I bought as a "maybe" but won't be using for that particular swap -- so it's not a spoiler!  Isn't it cute, though?  It's actually a clip, not a pin.  I'm sure it will show up in my Birdsong projects, somewhere.
Besides the rosette swap, I'm working on a matchbox swap (I love those!) hostessed by Gail and Marjorie. As you can see, I have done the "base" of the matchbox: covering it with vintage wallpaper inside and pretty paper and some trim in the recipient's favorite color, green on the outside.  I'm not going to show you any more than this so as not to ruin the surprise!  Also because I haven't come up with the decoration for the top yet -- it's still a work in progress.  I'm already collecting all kinds of little vintage goodies and other tiny pretties for the inside of the box -- that's my favorite part!
Of course, since Birdsong means reuniting with some of my favorite people in the world that I rarely see, I might be working on other little creative gifts, too -- you never know. (Wink!)
Did I mention that Spring has finally made an appearance here in Colorado?  Despite snow Monday and Tuesday, by this weekend we had flip flop weather.  Hallelujiah! 
We took Maggie and Snoopy to play at a nearby Regional Park to celebrate the sun.  Pardon my grubby clothes -- I knew the dogs would get dirty and wet so I dressed appropriately!  I hope you're enjoying Springtime weather in your neck of the woods, too!


Kathy said…
I'm so happy Ben gets to do the camp couselor gig. My younger son counseled 4 times at what we call "Outdoor School" here in Portland. It was among the best experiences of his life and surprises me to this day that he didn't grow up to be a science teacher instead of a geologist.
Linda Sue said…
your "grubby" clothes are my dress up and go out clothes...Have a great time making bird songs...a great way to ease out of missing Ben so much!
Tammy said…
Okay, after seeing how busy you are on your Birdsong projects, I have to get to work on mine! Love the bird pin!
My oldest son was a camp counselor for two summers and had a great time. It's such a good experience for them!
Lisa said…
Oooh! I need to get busy! Birdsong 3 will be here before we know it. I can hardly wait...
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
all u bellas are gonna have a ball...i am green with envy...mercedes is such a doll
Kadee Willow said…
With my nose to the grindstone getting ready for a moving sale on Saturday.. and a graduation the following weekend and blah, blah, blah more stuff after that.. I so enjoyed seeing what you're doing for Birdsong! I couldn't join in on the swaps, but as I said, I will be head "ohhhh'er" and "ahhh'er"! Thanks for sharing, Laurie!!
So your coming to Kansas City? great

my sister wants me to come up to Kansas City tomorrow however a great estate sale here in Columbia and I need to get my suitcase unpacked from last weekends trip LOL
I am at work now dead tired LOL but had a ball
Linda said…
Your birdsong art looks incredible, I wouldn't expect anything less. Always enjoy seeing what you are working on. I'm not sure we will have spring here. it's cold and dark here again today. we don't seem to have more then one raddom day of sunshine at a time.

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