Vintage Christmas Ephemera Book

I love vintage ephemera, but especially vintage HOLIDAY ephemera.  This Thanksgiving, in quiet moments, I took the time to make this little book.  What can I say?  It was so very satisfying, and peaceful -- blissful, really!  I took a photo of every page, and, at the end of this post I've included a link to my Facebook page, which has a video that Ben helped me shoot and edit, showing the whole book, too!

Did you have a favorite page? Here's that video link:

I hope you had a lovely holiday!  We did.


Createology said…
Your little book is precious and will become a family heirloom through the years. It has so many layers of interest and detail. Blessings Dear...<3
Beautiful work, Laurie! So much to see! What a wonderful keepsake
Now that's a gift that would keep on giving. It's absolutely gorgeous. Going through it would take some time and would be like receiving special little gifts of love over and over and over again.
Linda said…
Magical..can't think of a better word to describe it! Reminds me of Christmas when I was a young girl. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with us.
Linda xo
Unknown said…
Looks beautiful! I was just enjoying my button book from your swap a couple years back, so fun. Happy Christmas!
JoAnne said…
I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore this book Laurie! Love every little thing!

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