Friday, November 10, 2017

The days are getting shorter

I have so much to catch up on here on my little blog.  I now have a permanent, full time job.  This came about so oddly: first of all, it's with a company in an industry that I never would have dreamed of working in.  The only reason I did was because the temp the agency was out of jobs (back in June) and only had this lone assignment which was to last just 4 - 6 weeks.  I said to myself, "Well, it's only for 4 weeks..."  Famous last words, as my mother would say.
I'm working in the administrative offices of a company that runs half-way houses.  Our clients are people who are just getting out of jail, or trying to avoid going into jail.  For 30 years the company has been run as a non profit organization, but in September it was acquired by a for-profit business.  By that time I'd already been working there as a temporary for almost 3 months. It was a whirlwind time of lots of change -- and so then I continued to work there almost just to see what would happen next!  Then they asked me to work in HR, and then they wanted to hire me permanently.  It was a tough decision to join the team -- my husband is chagrined, saying, "Great, now my wife works at a prison." But, it's an easy commute, a small, friendly office, and they are paying me what I asked.  Best of all, all the money is going to me, instead of several dollars every hour being skimmed off and going to that good-for-nothing temporary agency!
Today was a paid holiday -- and I cannot even tell you how long it's been since I had one of those!
In the meantime, I participated in a "Traveling Love Notes" swap, where I sent a plain fabric "page" out to a group of ladies and then they added their wonderful love to it!  Here was my result!
 I love it so much!  Everyone's pages turned out just lovely!
I also learned how to make these "quilted" ornaments that I've seen for the last 40 years!  I thought everyone in the world except me knew how to make them!  I used neutrals, and I love how mine turned out!
 Then there was my annual fall obsession with making pumpkins!

I think it has passed now, leaving me with some wonderful ones to enjoy and add to previous years' collection!
My friend treated me to a concert for my birthday this year -- we went to see Blake Shelton!
It was so much fun -- what a wonderful show he puts on!
In October my friend Stephanie came for an overnight visit, and I cooked a German meal in honor of the 30th anniversary of the year we spent in Germany together!
Now it's getting on holiday time again -- how time flies!  The snow has already begun to fall and the days are short.  I'm grateful for wonderful friends who "get" me, and without whom I'd just work-eat-sleep-repeat!

They keep me sane!
I'm enjoying the re-emergence of Christmas shopping at thrift stores!  It makes me giddy!
So does the thought of seeing my boy again when he comes home to visit for Thanksgiving, and then the Christmas holidays!
A visit with Ben in October (with his sweet Cora)...
 All I want for Christmas is Ben happy and healthy, and Dennis to get a real, live permanent job!  (And preferably, not one in a prison!)  P.S.  Did you notice I'm letting my hair go natural?!  I love it!  Embrace the grey!


B Ball said...

Happy for you! A paid holiday! Enjoy!! More to come later this year! In school we are in a panic that there is one week before break....tons to get done. Enjoy the speed of Nov and Dec. Love to paint with you sometime. Barbara B.

Claudia said...

I loved this post. Congratulations!

Linda said...

Love the hair and it looks quite cute on you....but I think the word "silver" sounds so much more elegant. Great news and congratulations re the permanent job. Such an upbeat post. Cheers, Linda.

jeanniemc said...

So happy about your new job! Such great news & I know you will be just great! Love those ornaments you made —always thought they might be difficult..and the pumpkins are adorable! Sending a big hug for all the great news!

Marrianna said...

Congratulations on the permanent job. You deserve it. I noticed your new hair color right away but didn’t know it was the natural gray growing. Love it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Claudia said...

Did you get to go to Karla's for Snowbird?

Kelli Davidson said...

I am so happy for you that I could just bust! You did it! You beat the odds and did it! Of course your crafts are fabulously beautiful and next time you are in Oklahoma -- look me up. I will take you to Blake's lake house......He's an Okie you know and a regularly nice guy -

Pallas said...

Lots of great things going on in your life this year. I bet that Blake Shelton concert was great, and it looks like you were very close. The traveling page you made is beautiful - I haven't participated in a swap in a long time, but remember how fun they are. Your hair looks nice, and you will find it easier to care for too. Congrats on the new job. Happy Thanksgiving.