Shopping at Birdsong Three

Two weeks ago when we hit the road for Kansas/Karla's House/Birdsong Three, Rebecca and I drove just about straight through because we were determined to get there in plenty of time for the pre-event dinner.
At one point, around 1 pm or so, we realized we'd be making it in plenty of time so we could stop and shop.
I texted this photo of Rebecca to Suzanne because I knew she'd remember this as one of OUR stops in years past when we drove to KS together.
Well, you can imagine my surprise when Suzanne then texted me THIS photo of her -- she was driving with Cheryl and we had missed them at the store by about 10 minutes!
A quick phone call, some directions and a few minutes later, we all met up at the NEXT store and shopped together.  We had a blast!
It was a great little shop called Countrypolitan, and we all found something fun.
Rebecca and I picked up the little glass doorknobs we would use on the cloche's we made at Karla's, and I also got this stuff: a cute little lamb planter, some spun cotton angel heads, and some cool metal hinge things that I know I can use in my art, someday.  Then it was on to Lawrence!
I am about to show you the only other thing I bought the whole weekend.  Yes, I was being very frugal on this trip...until I laid eyes on this beautiful necklace Lori Oles brought for vendor night.  I have always admired Lori's jewelry whenever I've seen it online.
As soon as I saw this necklace, its beauty took my breath away.  I am not even kidding. I haven't felt that way about a piece of jewelry or art in a while.  I was completely charmed by the mix of an VERY narrow old leather purse, mother of pearl and vintage sparkly findings...
glass rosary beads...
and more buttons.  I thought about it and thought about it and then made up my mind that it had to come home with me.  I made it my one and only purchase at vendor night (as difficult as that was!) and I have no regrets.
I will always treasure it and always think of the wonderful time I had at Birdsong Three whenever I see it!


Kathy said…
Oh how fun that you were able to hook up with your friend en route! Love your purchase.
Kathy said…
Oh how fun that you were able to hook up with your friend en route! Love your purchase.
Aw, looks like you hit Abilene! I have fun shopping through those antique malls when I take Dear Daughter to college (and used to visit them frequently when we lived at Fort Riley, only twenty minutes away). :)
Mosaic Magpie said…
I love that necklace you bought! I wonder what the tiny leather purse would have been used for....such an unusual shape and size. Those 3 sweet buttons and tatting on it!!!!!
Kelli Davidson said…
Looks like tons of fun! That last picture of you is so much like Mary Poppins!
Linda said…
You showed alot of descipline but the piece you purchased is a good one. Enjoy.

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