Farewell, June

This comment from Kelli on one of my previous posts is a favorite:
These swaps that you take us to are just fascinating to me! I have many many interests so I follow all kinds of blogs and I think the group of people you hang with must be the most giving and fun and willing to get together of any I have contact with - you all seem to support each other and don't look down on others if their talent isn't as good as yours - I really appreciate getting to virtually hang out with you and your talented friends. 
I couldn't have said it better myself, Kelli.  I have a wonderful group of creative friends!  They are so giving and fun, and I feel so lucky to have met them!
Let me give you just one example of their awesomeness : upon arriving at Karla's Birdsong Three on June 7, Beth greeted me with a bag full of these beautiful little badges.  She knew that all the girls who worked on the Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric book that was just published in Somerset would be together that day so she created these for us: designed them and sewed them all by hand.  They say, "I'm a Tiffany Girl".  Beth, like Karla, is frequently published in Somerset publications so she knows that it's a thrill and a cause for celebration!
Was that just not so thoughtful?  Here are 'the Tiffany Girls' posting with our badges; unfortunately, Linda McMillin was unavoidably detained/unable to come -- but she was with us in spirit!
Soon after, Karla showed me these Tiffany blue-birds and told me the story behind them: they started out as a special Tiffany blue cake she baked for the 7 of us!  A mishap made them into cake pops instead -- but even if they had been a three-tiered cake I couldn't have been more honored by the treat!
Karla couldn't have known how much those little cake/birds would mean to me.  There have not actually been a lot of celebratory cakes in my life -- so, that she'd thought to create one for all of us to mark the occasion of our art being in Somerset was a complete joy!
As was being reunited with friends...
from near and far...
who take time out for creativity -- because it's important!
I wish everyone a chance to get together and create at an event like this...
where you will be greeted with relaxation, smiles, and friends who celebrate your joys!


Kathy said…
Laurie, this post made me mist up. I am SO happy you were able to have that experience. It is clearly one of those times you will remember all of your life!
Buckets of congrats, dear friend! I'm thrilled for you and your talented group! xoxo

Suz said…
Very touching, Laurie. It is so exciting that you got published in a Somerset magazine. So happy for you!
Unknown said…
I love the badges. They are so fun and the bird cakes made me smile.
Beth Leintz said…
Laurie, You really said exactly how I feel about why events like Birdsong are so much more than just making stuff- they're a chance to bond, be with friends and celebrate together.
Abby / Linda said…
I am jealous of your creativity. I have been so practical for so long, sometimes it's a struggle to get my creative juices flowing just for the sake of creativity! I'm trying!!! You inspire me!
Kelli Davidson said…
I'm so honored that you consider something I wrote (and meant!) to cap your post! I do mean it all and to think - this all started for me because I Googled "antique stores in Ada or Purcell or something like that which picked up your blog"! Those little blue bird truffles are fabulous! I'm going to try to recreate them for a post of my own!
Pallas said…
Sure looks like a fun time.
Those badges are so sweet. What a thoughtful thing for Beth to do. It looks like you're all having such a good time; how do you top a day like that? Thanks for sharing the celebration.
Unknown said…
I so wish I could go to something like that, I would be in heaven. I live upstate Vermont and all the fun is to far away. As I have said before, it all looks like so much fun and special friendships indeed.
Thanks for stopping by my "Altered Clothes Pin Clipboard" post. It is always so good to have you stop by.
Happy 4TH

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