16 candles

It's unbelievable to me, but my son turns *16 years old* today!
Ben's birthday is just a few days after my father's was; here they are together during the only Christmas they would ever have a chance to celebrate together, in this life anyway.  Don't they look alike?  I've always thought so. 
Here's one of my FAVORITE birthday photos of Ben and his buddy when we ran into them in Orlando at Disney World.  They are playing on a Star Wars prop.  That was a good birthday -- number 10.

Now he's getting ready to work the entire summer at his first real, paying job -- as a summer camp counselor.  He starts tomorrow.  I think I will see him a total of 12 days between now and August!  It will be a great experience for him but of course I will miss having him around.
Happy birthday, Ben!


Kathy said…
Wishing Ben a very Happy Birthday!
Maggie said…
Happy Birthday to your CUTE son! That camp counselor experience for him will be so awesome! How hard to have your "baby" gone most of the summer, though :-(

Are you busy packing your bags for Birdsong??!!

Lorraine said…
A very Happy Birthday to Ben!
Tami Hacker said…
Happy Birthday Ben!
Linda said…
Happy Birthday to Ben! Enjoy the respite and come August you'll enjoy each other all the more.
Unknown said…
Aww...I am discovering "growing" is harder in some cases for the parents. It just seems like it flies some days! He will learn so much this summer and will always remember it. I had some of the best times of my life as a summer "art director" at a camp when I was a teen. Wishing YOU good luck this summer while he's gone ;)
A big happy birthday wish to Ben. They grow up so fast, don't they. He'll have a great time this summer while gaining so much experience.
Shane Pollard said…
Lovely photos - what a looker Ben is!!!
Oh to be sixteen again.
Have a happy week Laurie.
Shane ♥
chateau chic said…
Our children do grow up quickly, don't they? You have a very nice young man to be proud of!
Mary Alice
Vintage Jane said…
A lovely young man ... made so by a lovely mom! M x

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