Birdsong 3's tag swap -- and tags galore!

I always enjoy the paper art swaps at events like Birdsong 3.  This time, Stephanie Oyler hostessed a bird-themed tag swap and we were all to make 7 tags to swap.  I made 8, so that Stephanie could keep one, too.
My tags were pretty intricate this time: I started with a piece of lovely yellow floral scrapbook paper, and then sewed a piece of organza over it.
I added a sweet vintage bird image that I'd glittered, while behind that is some pretty washi tape in a summery/birdy theme.  I have the bird "landing" on top of a lacy, flower-strewn border.
Some of the flowers are vintage from millinery or flower making supplies and some are newer paper flowers.
I glued a string of rhinestone to the bottom so it shows through the lace placed over it.  Each is topped with pretty blue seam binding.
On the back, I made a pocket, covered it with an egg and added sparkles.  The pocket holds the one of my mini moo cards.
While I was at it, I made another bunch of tags as little gifts to give to friends I'd be seeing at the event.

This tag was a special, layered snippet one I made for instructor Lori Oles:
 I included it in a bag of ephemera that I thought she'd enjoy.
For Mercedes, who hostessed the rosette swap I'll be showing you in the next post, I made a tag with a little rosette pin.

I thought this vintage image of a bluebird was just so sweet!  I used that same, sweet little bird for another tag I gifted at Birdsong 3:
Next: more swaps!


Kathy said…
This post makes me want to drop everything and make tags. Great inspiration!
Regina said…
Love your beautiful work and I agree with Kathy...I want to make some now too. ^_^

Unknown said…
I think this must be my most favorite projects of all the ones I have ever seen you make - Those birds remind me of a nursery rhyme or book or something that makes me feel really good! I wish I could remember what it was! I don't know if you got my comment or not but I found these really cool (I've been told they are crewel) squares. They were in a free box at a yard sale. So lovely and vintage. Would you like them? Or maybe see pix first. I will happy to send them to you at no cost - I just want to see something cool you make with them!!
Unknown said…
Holy cow! I had no more than commented on this than the response you sent me popped up! do you have a blog email I could send the pictures to? Or, tomorrow I could post them on my FB page and you could see them on there if you have your own (personal or community) page. How about one of those?
Marrianna said…
Wow, the tags are so wonderful. I also love the rosettes in your last post (must go back there to comment). Your work is charming and I really look forward to photos from your Birdsong adventure: artwork created, artwork received, swaps, the ladies, all of it. So, what ladies do with all the beautiful tags? I see tag swap photos or announcements and just wondered where they all got displayed, stored, etc. No, I'm not ready to make tags, yet. I received 1 tag last year from an Etsy seller included in something I purchased. I love it. I really love how intricate and detailed you got with the ones you created. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for sharing,
Marrianna in Flagstaff
Lorraine said…
You're taking my breath away with all these beautiful bird creations.
Lisa said…
Yay! I got one of your beautiful tags in my tag book! Plus, the added bonus of one of the additional tags in the gift you gave to me. Thank you so much, Laurie.
It was fun to see you again at Birdsong and I can't wait to see you there next year (unless we can get together before then!).

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