Birdsong Three: the swaps and more

The swaps at art events are always a joy.
At Birdsong, the setting is Karla's patio on the first evening, after the first two classes.  Above, Karla as she opens her matchbox swap from Suzanne.
For Birdsong Three's matchbox swap, I made a box for Gail that I showed you here, and Marj made this box for me. And what a box! On top, a lovely altered bird on a branch...
and below, it was actually TWO boxes -- the one on top contained TEN DRAWERS with beaded pulls that were decorated inside and out! They were filled with little treasures that I love!  I really love the paper she chose to decorate the outside of the boxes.  Can you imagine how much work that was?
This is Marj as she opens her own special swap box (above.)  She and Gail were the co-hosts of the swap.
The box was full of trims, gorgeous findings, buttons, something sparkly and intriguing (a polished rock?), and look at those wooden beads that spell my name! The sweet, pale green handkerchief underneath was also in the box!  One of the things I really enjoy about Marj (we've Birdsong'd together before...) is her amazing hugs.  She is very gifted in bear-hugging.  I look forward to seeing her because I don't really have anyone else in my life who is a hugger.  So what do you think was in the bottom matchbox?
A likeness of her beautiful daughter (who I haven't met in person but have seen in photos) giving me a hug!  It is really heartwarming.  I loved this box -- it was just for me!
And here are all the swapped boxes together in Karla's kitchen.  Note the one in the top right corner: it's Audrey's dresser!  They were all so much fun to see.
My new friend, Mercedes, hostessed the rosette swap; she had a neat way of randomly choosing exchange partners by matching up pretty bird tags.  The one I made, which I showed you here went to one of the gals from Iowa, Lyn, while I received one from Tami.
She packaged her rosette sweetly in a pouch made from an embroidered vintage textile; it is a mix of neutrals and is shown next to the tag that Mercedes made.
The focal piece is a vintage bird and nest pin.  I love the colors together!
Here are most of the rosettes assembled for their group photo.  Isn't it amazing the way everyone interprets the same creative challenge?  This was a fun swap and I know I'll continue making rosettes now that I've tried it out!
My lovely friend from Indiana, Stephanie, hostessed the tag swap.  I showed you mine here, and here's the awesome book I got in return:
I'll show you ALL of it so you can enjoy the artistry.  I photographed the front of each tag and then the reverse is to the left of the next tag in the next photo -- I hope that makes sense!

So much fun, and color, and lovely textures!
After the swaps we enjoyed another great meal; one thing that you know you're going to get at Karla's events is well fed!
I still have more Birdsong beauty to show you, but I also wanted to show you this photo of Dennis and I this past Friday night as we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. Our lives feel very full lately -- and what a shock to go (so quickly) from working at home to working outside of the home.  I really like my job; it's fun and invigorating to be working and doing something I enjoy -- but it's also very time-consuming (funny how that works!)  I'm having a hard time in the evenings sitting down at the computer to read blogs and write on some of my pages...and haven't quite hit the point where I'm organized enough to do it in the mornings before work.  I'm also struggling to find the time to exercise as often as I'm used to doing.  I know I'll get into a rhythm soon, and I hope you'll stick with me as posts are fewer and further between through this adjustment period!


Unknown said…
Lots of artsy goodness here! I am glad you had so much fun! Don't worry - you will get the whole work thing down...funny how that whole paycheck thing can totally interfere with our lives! I've been having a hard time too lately with the change of school being out for the little one, staying up till all hours after bedtime to do stuff. Hope ben is doing well - and Happy Anniversary!
Kelli Davidson said…
Your anniversary was Friday??? Ours too! Love the picture of you both - it looks a lot like a few of the ones I'm posting today on my blog. :)

These swaps that you take us to are just fascinating to me! I have many many interests so I follow all kinds of blogs and I think the group of people you hang with must be the most giving and fun and willing to get together of any I have contact with - you all seem to support each other and don't look down on others if their talent isn't as good as yours - I really appreciate getting to virtually hang out with you and your talented friends. Such a great swap!
Kathy said…
Loved seeing the photos of the swaps!!
You will get in the groove and find time for everything soon. I am sure having a new job is mentally exhausting and it has only been a couple of weeks so just give yourself time!
Tammy said…
Happy Anniversary!
The swaps were so much fun! I still can't believe I got to go, and it was so great to get to see you again!!
Linda said…
Happy Anniversary! Nice picture of the 2 of you. It will take some getting use to with your new schedule. Very soon I will be trading schedules with you and i am looking forward to it.
What a fun time. Those little matchbox drawers are just the sweetest and to come with all those goodies is an extra surprise. Happy 22 anniversary, that's such a nice picture:-)
Kadee Willow said…
You sure made up for the fact that I wasn't able to be there with all of you! I loved seeing the swaps and how everyone interpreted the parameters. Each one was created with lots of talent and love! Thanks so much for posting.. your photos were fabulous!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
what a lovely weekend. what an accomplishment to be married for so long. Your birdsong post are marvelous...i almost feel like i was there. Hugs
Mosaic Magpie said…
Great photos! Thank you for sharing with us all that fun stuff. It is so neat how everyone made the same..but at the same time all different.
Happy to hear you are loving your job...that is so important, to like what you are doing. Don't be too hard on yourself trying to do it all....things will work out and settle in.
Unknown said…
Oh my, I would love to go to Bird Song one day, I think it would be so amazing to say the least. I do follow Karla's blog and have for several years now, what fun!
I have swapped with Mercedes a few times over at Altered Paper group, we have fun over there, too.
I want to thank you for visiting my "Beatrix Potter Book" post, it is always good to have you stop by.
Have a great rest of the week.
JoJo said…
I just stumbled on your blog by way of Pinterest. Those crafts are so incredible!!! The match books and tags blew me away.
Unknown said…
First of all Happy Anniversary!
Second, I love the tags, the birds and the rosettes. Especially how you take the pictures of them all together. So much prettiness. I love it all........
Abby / Linda said…
Happy belated Anniversary! My hubby and I celebrated our 23rd in June! And . . . I loved all the Birdsong pics . . . you girls have entirely "too much" fun! :)

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