Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas swap, continued, and thrifty finds

Happy Fall Back Day...and welcome to November!  Now we can say that Christmas is next month!
I can say it -- but it is still hard to believe it!
Not that I am not looking forward to it.
Terri surprised me the other day with even more lovelies -- some of them that didn't get into the original Christmas swap box she sent...
and some that she sent to celebrate my birthday, like this FABULOUS Vera scarf!
I love it so much, it gives me goosebumps!  It has the perfect Autumn motif and colors.  And is from the same "line" as this set of table linens that I bought in KC a couple of years ago:
But more colorful, with the pomegrante pink.  I didn't know she'd done fashion accessories in this motif, too!
Once again I realize how lucky I am, with very thoughtful friends who really "get" me!
More treasures -- that little crocheted bird is "doubled"/folded over!  I can hardly wait to use it in a project but I might have to hoard it for a while because I love it so much!
Did you notice this frothy crinoline slip in the background of the last few photos?  It is a treasure I found at the Goodwill store that recently opened in town -- it is one of those "by the pound" stores.
I soaked it in OxiClean and I think it turned out great.  That same day I also bought:
this large bag full of wool blocks...sweaters and tartans that someone was likely going to use in for a quilt...
 I couldn't resist it because of the "pumpkin" colors...
and have already made a couple of Thanksgiving pumpkins from it!  Of course. 
It was the first time I have been to the by-the-pound store, as it opened while I was employed by Goodwill and employees are not permitted to shop there.
I also had to buy this silverly rub-on holly leaf design because it was so "white Christmas-y" -- and light weight.  This entire grouping (crinoline slip, quilt squares and paper) added up to $1.44 at the checkout.  By the pound is very thrifty if you leave behind the heavier items!
In other thrifting that same day...I found a hard cover book by one of my favorite authors.  I started it last night.
I've been doing all my reading on a tablet lately, so it is a treat to hold a book in my hands. 
I just loved this fabric and had to have it for its unusual motif -- with leaves that are fall-like but done in pastel colors.
A stamp/transferred couple of linens with sheep motifs -- one begun -- that I wanted because I have been on a Little Bo Peep kick lately.  It's hard to see it but the one on the right is that nursery rhyme.
And this border fabric, with its teal blue/green basket motif on delicate, handkerchief-like cotton -- old but still crisp and unused.
And a hat, out for Halloween costume fodder, covered with lovely pale purple/lavender cloth and velvet flowers. These will be showing up in my art for sure.
More lavender velvety goodness around the house!
I hope your week gets off to a lovely start, too!


Linda Sue said...

Love the crinoline, what's to stop a person from sending a friend in to shop for them...silly rules! Glad you have another job now, whew!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness - so happy to hear you have a "The Bins". It is so fun to dig.