Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A happy Halloween

Halloween has never really been my favorite of occasions, but I had such a nice one this year, how about you?
Dennis had been out of town all week and I had started my new 40 hour work schedule Sunday.  It was hectic and I was never happier to see Friday, and a day off -- and Dennis.
On  a day that just so happened to be Halloween.
After a morning spent shopping and running errands, I came home and saw this post by Sheila Rumney on my blog feed about a Halloween mini album she had made.
I was smitten.  Instantly inspired!
So I made one of my own!  Seriously -- I dropped everything and rummaged through my pre-digital camera albums to find each year of Halloween fun back to Ben's first.
I scanned them, printed them, got out my very limited supply of Halloween themed papers and goodies and got to work.  
All in all, I spent about 3 hours on Halloween afternoon/evening putting together this little album!
While Dennis helpfully took over the handing out of candy.
Scary movies were my "background music" as I worked.
Our son was off doing a trunk-or-treat fund raiser at the high school.
It was just a wonderful way to spend Halloween.
And remembering...

I have very little in the way of Halloween paper or crafting accessories, but I did my best.

My "album" consists of tags and chipboard pages, double-sided, that stand up in a wooden box.
 I was reminded of how we got Ben this paduan costume of Obi-Wan Kenobi one year...
and for the next several years he insisted on wearing it -- until it didn't fit anymore!
 And all our visits during the season to go see the fabulous huge pumpkin display done by a local enthusiast.
When Ben finally did agree to a new, non-Star Wars costume, it was this super cool one dreamed up by him and his friend, with light sticks!  They looked AWESOME out in the dark trick or treating that year!
 I always enjoyed how much Dennis enjoyed Halloween; as a kid, he didn't participate in the holiday so with Ben, he made up for lost time!
One year, there was a pumpkin shortage so they cheerily carved squash, instead!
Ben stopped trick or treating around middle school, and from then on couldn't be enticed to dress up...
until she came along and asked him to help out with her fund raiser.
They dressed up like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
They looked awesome, didn't they?
I'm grateful for the inspiration of other bloggers, and even though my own album was no where near as fancy or artistic as hers, I was happy with it! Thank you, Sheila!


Sheila Rumney said...


I just love your Halloween Mini Album!!! I loved looking through the years at your son's pictures. I hope that you will treasure it as much as I treasure mine. Would you mind if I shared your creation and linked your post to my blog? Sending hugs your way, Sheila

Kathy said...

What a neat project and thank you for the reminder that a scrapbook doesn't have to be a scrapBOOK. This is a project you will enjoy for years.
Funny how those girls can influence - lol! My oldest had the same experience. No trick or treating for years until a girlfriend talked him in to putting on a clown costume complete with red nose.

Kathy Bremer said...

I notice that Snoopy always knows where the camera is. What a ham!

Lisa said...

What wonderful memories and such a cute project!